Packaging djbware

Amitai Schlair

The NetBSD Project

Why should you care about this talk?

What is djbware?

What is djbware? Take 2

How much software are we talking about here?

Less ecosystem, more zoo (ca. pkgsrcCon 2005) (ca. today)

State of djbware in pkgsrc

State of djbware packages elsewhere

Remaining technical goals

Distribute binary packages?

You may distribute a precompiled package if

  • installing your package produces exactly the same files, in exactly the same locations, that a user would obtain by installing one of my packages listed above;
  • your package behaves correctly, i.e., the same way as normal installations of my package on all other systems; and
  • your package's creator warrants that he has made a good-faith attempt to ensure that your package behaves correctly.

Warrant, schmarrant!

Feeling superior