The Wrapper Framework:

Then, Now, and Soon

Amitai Schlair

The NetBSD Project

Wisdom from xkcd #1

Wisdom from xkcd #2

Random slide #3

What is "the wrapper framework"?

When are the wrappers used?

What are the wrappers for?

What are the wrappers for (take 2)?

A quick aside

What do the wrappers do, and how?

What do the wrappers do, and how (take 2)?

My Summer of Code project

My SoC: Maintainability

My SoC: Performance

My SoC: A path to improvement

  1. Discover current transformations, other behaviors
  2. Document them in the form of fine-grained automated tests
  3. Implement new code -- tastefully of course -- until the tests pass
  4. Test integration into pkgsrc (e.g., a full bulk build)
  5. Measure functionality and performance
  6. When the time comes, flip the switch

My SoC: Benefits for pkgsrcerors

My SoC: Open questions

My SoC: Feedback, please!