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Amitai Schlair

The NetBSD Project

A wise man once said...

To a database person, every nail looks like a thumb. Or something like that.

-- Jamie Zawinski

My list of tools

archivers/unzip databases/mysql51-server databases/p5-DBD-mysql databases/p5-DBD-SQLite databases/sqlite3 devel/bmake devel/colordiff devel/cvsps devel/fossil devel/gmake devel/nbpatch devel/p5-Modern-Perl devel/p5-Moose devel/p5-Test-Class devel/ruby-readline devel/ruby-rspec devel/scmcvs devel/scmgit devel/subversion-base editors/vim lang/perl5 lang/python27 lang/ruby misc/tmux net/rsync net/ucspi-tcp sysutils/coreutils sysutils/file textproc/p5-ack textproc/py-html2text www/ikiwiki www/apache24 www/bozohttpd www/curl



  1. cvs checkout pkgsrc
  2. cd pkgsrc/bootstrap
  3. ./bootstrap --unprivileged

Install a few tools

  1. for i in textproc/p5-ack www/ikiwiki editors/vim; do
  2. cd .../pkgsrc/$i && make install
  3. done

Manage packages


Your Dev Toolbox, Everywhere

Amitai Schlair

@schmonz (Twitter,,, etc.)