Welcome back to the Jersey City Java User Group! For our first June meetup, Julie Lerman presented Tackling System Complexity with Domain-Driven Design (sorry, no video).

For our second (special extra bonus) June meetup, Helen Scott will present Writing Code is Easy, Being a Great Developer Is Hard:

We learn to write code at university, bootcamp, or we teach ourselves. Then, after months/years, we launch ourselves at our development careers and also, inadvertently launch ourselves at a whole bunch of other skills, that we might not have even realised we needed. These skills are rarely taught on traditional routes, but it’s these skills, when combined with writing code, that make you a great developer.

tldr; Everything I wish I’d learned about being a developer at University

No matter where in the world you live, we’ll be happy to have you attend. See details and RSVP on Meetup.

Legacy Open Source Fridays

Every Friday since April, we’re mending some famous old code that inspired a generation of programmers — and still provides the foundation of many production systems.

”If you work with legacy code, don’t miss this! Or if you work with code of any sort, you’re likely to learn something useful.” — Esther Derby

Contribute to Open Source with an experienced, kind, inclusive, and slightly silly guide. Gain new insights into your own legacy code. Have lots of fun doing it. One of these Fridays, join us.