On April 14, I’ll be presenting “Inside-Out TDDDD” (as debuted recently) for Legacy of SoCraTes, 5th edition, a remote conference on legacy code.

The abstract:

In inside-out TDD, we incrementally redesign objects, their interactions, and the system as a whole, starting in the small and moving toward the large. In something we might by extension want to call “Inside-Out TDD-Driven Development”, we incrementally redesign ourselves, our interactions, and our systems of work, starting in the small and expanding outward. I’ll tell some personal stories about the impact of software craft on emotional states and working relationships, and I’ll lay out my reasoning for Inside-Out TDDDD being perhaps the most effective path toward greater joy and humanity in software development.

I’m glad Legacy of SoCraTes turned out to be a series of conferences, so that (with my circumstances finally now permitting) I can be part of this one.

The other 5th edition speakers:

  • Adam Tornhill, “Prioritizing Technical Debt as if Time and Money Matters”
  • Sabrina Leandro, “How to rewrite, a bit at a time”
  • Clare Macrae, “Refactoring Superpowers: make your IDE do your work, faster and more safely”
  • Nicolas Carlo, “7 techniques to tame a Legacy Codebase”

Registration is free.

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