1. Don't conflict with sufficiently new libowfat.
  2. Install a few manpages to alternate names to avoid conflicting with l…
  3. doc: Updated devel/libowfat to 0.32nb1
  4. doc: Updated devel/libtai to 0.60nb8
  5. Correct import dates on or1k-none-elf-{gcc,binutils}. Spotted by pkgl…
  6. Update to 5.2.2. From the changelog:
  7. doc: Updated www/wordpress to 5.2.2
  8. Fix build on utmpx-only systems, such as FreeBSD.
  9. Merge pull request #19 from notqmail/TravisCI
  10. qmail's queue is expected to work just fine on a case-insensitive FS.
  11. LDFLAGS.SunOS+=-lnsl -lsocket to fix SmartOS.
  12. Modernize patch filenames.
  13. Update to 3.22.2. From the changelog:
  14. doc: Updated audio/solfege to 3.22.2
  15. Add include/sodium to BUILDLINK_INCDIRS.libsodium.
  16. Specify include/qlibs and lib/qlibs paths once, in fehqlibs/buildlink…
  17. Build and install shared libs. Bump BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS and PKGREVI…
  18. Bump PKGREVISION for new runtime dependency on fehqlibs.
  19. doc: Updated net/fehqlibs to
  20. .9.12 has a serious regression in dns_ipq.c: only AAAA records are
  21. Bump PKGREVISION for fehqlibs-using packages.
  22. doc: Updated net/fehqlibs to
  23. Add and enable qconfirm.
  24. Initial import of qconfirm, an implementation of a delivery confirmation
  25. doc: Added mail/qconfirm version 0.14.3
  26. BIGDNS_PATCH has been reliably reachable; remove from MASTER_SITE_LOCAL.
  27. qmail.org lapsed; use netqmail.org or qmailorg.schmonz.com.
  28. Belated commit (April?): reword ENV VARS section.
  29. s/www\.qmail\.org/qmailorg.schmonz.com/g
  30. qmail.org domain lapsed. netqmail.org has not, as yet.
  31. Re-fix installing gio/gdesktopappinfo.h on OS X, needed by at least
  32. doc: Updated devel/glib2 to 2.60.4nb5
  33. Use CPPFLAGS (not CFLAGS) to -DPKG_SYSCONFDIR. No functional change
  34. Use CPPFLAGS, not CFLAGS, to perhaps fix CentOS 7 bulk build.
  35. Use CPPFLAGS, not CFLAGS, for consistency with ucspi-tcp6 and djbdns.
  36. Bump PKGREVISION for "restore calling install_name_tool on Darwin".
  37. <sys/types.h> is preferred, via gdt@.
  38. #include <sys/time.h> for time_t definition on at least NetBSD-current.
  39. Add a comment describing previous change to patch.
  40. Use speed_t to match definition, fixing at least OS X build.
  41. #include <sys/types.h> for glib/gtypes.h to find ssize_t on OS X.
  42. Adjust patch checksums for previous.
  43. Really fix rpaths in installed shlibs on Darwin. Bump PKGREVISION.
  44. doc: Updated mail/ezmlm-idx to 7.2.2nb10
  45. Update to 20190606. From the changelog:
  46. doc: Updated net/vpnc-script to 20190606
  47. The final OS X version where this builds is 10.11 (Darwin 15.x).
  48. Fix PLIST on non-Darwin systems.
  49. Recursive revbump for new skalibs, noted by leot@ (thanks!).
  50. doc: Updated sysutils/fdtools to 2015.03.28nb1
  51. Update HOMEPAGE (https).
  52. Update MASTER_SITES and HOMEPAGE (gnu.org).
  53. Update to 3.52. From the changelog:
  54. doc: Updated textproc/highlight to 3.52
  55. doc: Updated textproc/libhighlight to 3.52
  56. doc: Updated textproc/p5-highlight to 3.52
  57. Switch from NaCl to libsodium for portability. Ride previous bump.
  58. Update to 35. From the changelog:
  59. doc: Updated net/djbdnscurve6 to 35
  60. Update to 0.10.10. From the changelog:
  61. Update to 0.9.12. From the changelog:
  62. Update to 1.10.6. From the changelog:
  63. Update to From the changelog:
  64. doc: Updated devel/skalibs to
  65. doc: Updated net/fehqlibs to 0.9.12
  66. doc: Updated net/ucspi-ssl to 0.999.10.10
  67. doc: Updated net/ucspi-tcp6 to 1.10.6
  68. Add a missing changelog entry.
  69. Catch up to highlight 3.51 API change.
  70. Fix link in previous.
  71. No longer hosting these on Branchable.
  72. Recommend against cvsps3 (haven't tried it).
  73. Reply to fancypodcast question.
  74. Response to jsewell's bug report.
  75. "Show Notes" is implicit, leave it off.
  76. Add second episode and show notes.
  77. Dashes, not underscores, in URLs.
  78. Enforce date ordering.
  79. Leave off author, see if that looks good.
  80. Maybe this is a podcast now?
  81. Tweak appearance.
  82. Add missing comma.
  83. Add notes from today's pairing with tincho.
  84. Add tincho's git repo.
  85. Added my patch to pkgsrc ikiwiki for evaluation.
  86. Avoid unexpected full paths from find(1).
  87. Bump Tincho's OSM for needing review.
  88. Call srcfile() with nothrow, as clearly intended.
  89. Enquote $background_command as surely intended.
  90. Fix bug WikiLink in previous.
  91. Fix build with po4a 0.52.
  92. Give graph an optional "file" param, like table's.
  93. Maybe we should just suggested-depends on sudo
  94. Need <sys/wait.h> for waitpid (NetBSD 8 warns).
  95. Report bug.
  96. Request review and possible merge of tincho-osm.
  97. Revert spam commits.
  98. Revert spam edits.
  99. Update upstream project name (it's "mandoc" now).
  100. When emailauth can't send, show the error message.
  101. co-maintainer opinion
  102. Add initial version of rejectutils.
  103. Add last upstream release of qmail (1.03).
  104. Add manual pages.
  105. Add qmail-spp support to qmail-rcptcheck.
  106. As of 3.51, searchFile() is no longer provided in highlight's Perl
  107. Extract new qmail-qfilter-queue program.
  108. First version of netqmail (1.04).
  109. Fix OS X clang build. Via FreeBSD Ports, so probably fixes FreeBSD too.
  110. Fix link ordering for NetBSD.
  111. Inline the used-only-once DEPENDS_LIBTAI.
  112. Keep it simple: libtai does not futz with PKG_SYSCONFSUBDIR.
  113. Keep it simple: set PKG_SYSCONFSUBDIR to match mail/qmail's. Bump PKG…
  114. Keep it simple: set PKG_SYSCONFSUBDIR to match mail/qmail's. Bump PKG…
  115. Keep it simple: set PKG_SYSCONFSUBDIR to match mail/qmail's. Bump ver…
  116. Keep it simple: set PKG_SYSCONFSUBDIR to match net/djbdns's. Bump ver…
  117. Keep it simple: set PKG_SYSCONFSUBDIR to match sysutils/daemontools's
  118. Log deprecation notice (and what to do instead).
  119. Note {lib,p5-,}highlight update.
  120. Pass stralloc pointers. Sprinkle static.
  121. Remove qmail-qfilter-{ofmipd,smtpd}-queue.
  122. Run the filters listed in $QMAILQUEUEFILTERS.
  123. Second release of netqmail (1.05).
  124. Third release of netqmail (1.06).
  125. Update to 1.0.0. From the changelog:
  126. Update to 2.2.6. From the changelog:
  127. doc: Updated databases/p5-App-Sqitch to 1.0.0
  128. doc: Updated mail/mailfront to 2.22nb1
  129. doc: Updated mail/qgreylist to 0.3nb8
  130. doc: Updated mail/qmail-run to 20190619
  131. doc: Updated net/djbdns-run to 20190619
  132. doc: Updated sysutils/daemontools-run to 20190619
  133. doc: Updated textproc/discount to 2.2.6
  134. doc: Updated www/ikiwiki to 3.20190228nb2
  135. xref bundled rcptchecks from qmail-rcptcheck(8).
  136. Add 'acceptutils-install' target.
  137. Add qmail-qfilter-addtlsheader: record TLS params.
  138. Add support for NetBSD's blacklistd(8).
  139. Attempt to give blacklistd enough socket info.
  140. Belated commit from last pairing with Ryan Latta.
  141. Check that env vars are defined before use.
  142. Extract a couple functions.
  143. Fail tls_info() if SSL environment is 0-length.
  144. Fix bugs in "STARTTLS.... Okay, restart kid!"
  145. Fix indentation.
  146. Fix refs to qmail-qfilter-queue(8). Bump date.
  147. Log `reup pid kid kidpid (1/n): exit exitcode`.
  148. Match authup.c:die_nomem() to fixsmtpio_die.c's.
  149. Pass file descriptors directly and don't change.
  150. Reduce more fixsmtpio duplication.
  151. Reformat.
  152. Sprinkle static.
  153. Wordsmith fixsmtpio man page.
  154. Wrap some long lines.
  155. s/ucspitls_level/ucspitls_level_configured/g