Wed Jan 27 04:30:07 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to 1.4. From the changelog:

- Added a caching storage mechanism to improve parsing raw data and data
- Added a mechanism to avoid counting duplicate data when restoring persisted
  data from disk.
- Added additional option to the HTML report to set a maximum number of items
  per page to 3.
- Added a list of podcast-related user agents under '%sysconfdir%'.
- Added 'Android 10' to the list of Android codenames.
- Added a 'widescreen' layout to the HTML report (e.g., 4K TV/KPI Dashboard).
- Added 'Beaker', 'Brave', and 'Firefox Focus' to the list of browsers
- Added command line option --user-name=username to avoid running GoAccess as
  root when outputting a real-time report.
- Added 'DuckDuckGo' and 'MSNBot' browsers to the browsers.list.
- Added 'facebookexternalhit' to the default crawler list.
- Added German translation (DE).
- Added Kubernetes Nginx Ingress Log Format to the default config file.
- Added 'macOS Catalina' to the list of OSX codenames.
- Added minor CSS updates to HTML report.
- Added missing header '<sys/socket.h>' to fix FreeBSD build
- Added new 'Edg' token to the list of browsers.
- Added '--no-ip-validation' command line to disable client IP validation
- Added '--persist' and '--restore' options to persist to disk and restore a
  dump from disk.
- Added Portuguese translation (pt-BR)
- Added Swedish translation (SV)
- Added the ability to parse server cache status and a new panel to display
  those metrics.
- Changed accumulated time to work by default on '--persist' and '--restore'.
- Changed back how the hits and visitors percentage is calculated to be more
- Changed Geo Location panel display default to show only if database file is
  provided ('LIBMAXMINDDB').
- Changed initial processing time from secs to HH:MM:SS in HTML output.
- Changed '--max-items' for the static HTML report to allow no limit on
  output entries.
- Changed required 'gettext' version to 0.19
- Changed to ignore 'SIGPIPE' with 'SIG_IGN'
- Changed version to 10.15 for 'macOS Catalina'.
- Ensure proper escaping on default AWSELB log format.
- Ensure valid requests counter is not affected on duplicate entries when
  restoring data.
- Fixed issue preventing Ctrl-C (SIGINT) for the curses interface to stop the
- Fixed issue where HTML report wouldn't update the tables when changing per
  page option.
- Fixed issue where it wouldn't find either the user's or global config file.
- Fixed issue where changing the number of items per page in the HTML report
  would not automatically refresh the tables.
- Fixed issue where last updated label was not updated in real-time.
- Fixed issue where overall date range wasn't showing the right start/end parse
- Fixed issue where tailing a file could potentially re-parse part of the log.
- Fixed memory leak when fetching country/continent while using 'LIBMAXMINDDB'.
- Fixed several '-Wcast-qual' warnings.
- Fixed unwanted added characters to the HTML output.
- Fixed websocket issue returning a 400 due to request header size.
- Increased 'MAX_LINE_CONF' so a JSON string can be properly parsed from the
  config file.
- Removed deprecated option '--geoip-city-data' from config file.
- Removed unnecessary dependency from snapcraft.yaml.
- Removed some old browsers from the default curated list.
- Replaced TokyoCabinet storage for a non-dependency in-memory persistent

pkgsrc changes:

- Remove 'tokyocabinet' option, no longer needed
- Switch 'geoip' option to libmaxminddb

Wed Jan 27 04:30:07 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated www/goaccess to 1.4

Mon Jan 25 17:00:07 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Fix build on OpenBSD by defining __STDC_NO_ATOMICS__.

Mon Jan 25 13:30:06 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to From the changelog:

- Bugfixes.

Mon Jan 25 13:30:06 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to From the changelog:

- Bugfixes.

Mon Jan 25 13:30:06 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated lang/execline to

Mon Jan 25 13:30:06 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated sysutils/s6 to

Sun Jan 24 14:30:03 2021 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Fix -Wdangling-else.

Sun Jan 24 14:30:03 2021 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Fix -Wparentheses.

Sun Jan 24 14:30:03 2021 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Replace deprecated alloc_re() with realloc().

Sun Jan 24 14:30:02 2021 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Add CHANGES entry.

Sun Jan 24 14:30:02 2021 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Use malloc() in newly merged code, at least.

Sun Jan 24 14:30:02 2021 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Use plain old unsigned long. Give 65536 a name.

Sat Jan 23 16:00:05 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
My last build gave "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'setuptools'".
joerg@ advises that when we see an EGG_FILE, we should be using
setuptools, which in pkgsrc terms means Do that here in hopes of
fixing bulk builds.

Fri Jan 22 14:00:08 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Also restore the hack to get SSLCERTS defined. Ride previous bump.

Fri Jan 22 12:45:04 2021 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Fix 3 warnings from -Wpointer-sign.

The clang warning message says "converts between pointers to integer
types with different sign". Cast the unsigned char * argument to char *
to match the expected parameter.

Fri Jan 22 12:30:04 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Bump PKGREVISION for s6-dns and skalibs library updates.

Fri Jan 22 12:30:04 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Bump PKGREVISION for skalibs update.

Fri Jan 22 12:30:04 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
LibreTLS + OpenSSL isn't working well for me yet. Switch back to BearSSL
for now, riding recent PKGREVISION bump.

Fri Jan 22 12:30:04 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Note revbumps of skalibs-dependent packages not otherwise updated.

Fri Jan 22 12:30:04 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to From the changelog:

- Bugfixes.

Fri Jan 22 12:30:04 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to From the changelog:

- s6dns_message_get_domain_internal() is now public under the name

Fri Jan 22 12:30:04 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated devel/skalibs to

Fri Jan 22 12:30:04 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated net/s6-dns to

Fri Jan 22 12:30:04 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated net/s6-networking to

Fri Jan 22 12:15:03 2021 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Add CHANGES entry.

Fri Jan 22 12:15:03 2021 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Adjust formatting.

This also reverts an unrelated whitespace change in the original patch.

Fri Jan 22 12:15:03 2021 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Catch up to ssize_t changes across substdio.

Fri Jan 22 12:15:03 2021 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Do 1-byte reads in the local idiom.

Fri Jan 22 12:15:03 2021 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Do similar things in the same order.

Fri Jan 22 12:15:03 2021 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Document and deprecate substdio_bget().

Fri Jan 22 12:15:03 2021 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Document the new qmail-queue(8) exit code.

Fri Jan 22 12:15:03 2021 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Extract a function to fill in errstr.

Fri Jan 22 12:15:03 2021 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Make substdio_get look more like substdio_bget.

Fri Jan 22 12:15:03 2021 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Move up the other "deprecated.h" includes.

Fri Jan 22 12:15:03 2021 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Remove unneeded closes on pipe() that just failed.

Fri Jan 22 12:15:03 2021 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Remove unused local variable.

Fri Jan 22 12:15:03 2021 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Revert "remove unused substdio_bget()"

This reverts commit 5a214f931f1b5575e3cf4b037179eb5f665028c1.

Fri Jan 15 18:45:08 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Fix build on at least FreeBSD, CentOS, NetBSD, and Tribblix.

Fri Jan 15 16:15:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Add and enable bincimap.

Fri Jan 15 16:15:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Add bincimap, an IMAP server for Maildir.

Binc IMAP strives to be stable, fast, flexible, and RFC compliant. Like
qmail-pop3d, it authenticates via a checkpassword program.

Fri Jan 15 16:15:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Provide defaults for BINCIMAP_{USER,GROUP}. Note that s6-networking also
makes use of UCSPI_SSL_USER.

Fri Jan 15 16:15:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Added mail/bincimap version 1.2.13

Fri Jan 15 03:45:12 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Notably missing on macOS, with magic PLIST handling hiding its absence:
libzzip.dylib. Pass -f along with ln -s in the APPLE cases, too, so none
of the bash install scripts exit early due to ln giving "File exists".


Fri Jan 15 03:45:08 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated archivers/zziplib to 0.13.72nb1

Thu Jan 14 14:45:04 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Note xapian-bindings updates.

Thu Jan 14 14:45:04 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Reset PKGREVISION missed in previous.

Thu Jan 14 14:45:04 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to 1.4.18. From the changelog:


* omindex:

  + Add default MIME mapping for application/rtf.  IANA have registrations for
    text/rtf and (more recently) application/rtf (it seems because newer
    versions of the RTF format can contain 8-bit data) so we now recognise
    application/rtf by default and handle it the same way as text/rtf.

    Current libmagic seems to always return text/rtf (no matches for
    application/rtf in magic.mgc) and we continue to map extension rtf to
    text/rtf, so this change is mainly future-proofing against libmagic future

  + Add support for indexing OpenXPS, which is effectively the same as XPS
    internally in ways we care about, but it uses a different mimetype and a
    different filename extension.


* Explicitly use OR for MORELIKE queries.

  Since 1.3.0 the default value of DEFAULTOP has been AND, which typically
  makes MORELIKE queries much less useful since they'll only match documents
  containing all the terms from the query expansion.  We now explicitly insert
  " OR " between the terms if DEFAULTOP hasn't been set to OR, which makes them
  work much more like they did in 1.2.x.

* Make $stoplist and $unstem consider all query strings by always passing the
  new Xapian::QueryParser::FLAG_ACCUMULATE flag.

* Add $foreach command which works like $map, but just concatenates the
  evaluated results rather than adding tabs to turn them into an OmegaScript

* Extend $include{} to allow handling failure to open the specified file via an
  optional second argument which if specified will be evaluated and returned
  instead.  Patch from Gaurav Arora.

* Support multiple MORELIKE parameters - we now form an RSet from all the
  specified documents and use that to generate the query to run (previously
  only one of multiple MORELIKE parameters was used).

Thu Jan 14 14:45:04 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to 1.4.18. From the changelog:


* Support macOS 11.0 - AC_CANONICAL_HOST identifies this as darwin20, which
  wasn't caught by our glob pattern.  Patch from FX Coudert in


* Wrap const std::string* parameters to accept a string or null in C#.  See #204.


* Wrap const std::string* parameters to accept a String or null in Java.


* Fix minor documentation typo.

Thu Jan 14 14:45:04 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to 1.4.18. From the changelog:


* QueryParser::FLAG_ACCUMULATE: New flag.  Previously the unstem and stoplist
  data was always reset by a call to QueryParser::parse_query(), which makes
  sense if you use the same QueryParser object to parse a series of independent
  queries.  If you're using the same QueryParser object to parse several fields
  on the same query form, you may want to have the unstem and stoplist data
  combined for all of them, in which case you can use this flag to prevent this
  data from being reset.

* QueryParser::unstem_begin(): Eliminate unnecessary copying of the data.

* Fix typo in Swedish stopword list, syncing change made to Snowball by Daniel
  Gómez Villanueva.

* Remove some French stop words with other meanings, syncing change made to
  Snowball by PhilippeOuellet.


* Run testcase testlock4 using backend chert, not just using glass

* Skip testcase testlock4 on platforms that don't allow us to implement
  Database::locked() (which notably include GNU Hurd and Microsoft Windows).


* List DB_NO_TERMLIST in the WritableDatabase constructor API documentation
  where we already list the other DB_* constants.


* Eliminate single use of std::mem_fun() which was deprecated in C++11 and
  removed in C++17.  Reported by Mateusz Pusz in #806.

* Add missing includes for std::numeric_limits<>.  Reported by stac47 in #805.

* Work around header issue.  MSVC seems to implicitly include
  <winerror.h> but's headers don't, leading to ERROR_PIPE_CONNECTED
  not being defined.  Fixes, reported
  by Alex Sandro.

* Suppress MSVC warnings about possible loss of data.  The values involved are
  the number of set bits in a value of integer type, so these warnings are

* Include <sys/types.h> for size_t and off_t, which is the appropriate header,
  and needed with Android's bionic libc.  Patch from Matthieu Gautier.

* Use a temporary file for the Doxygen configuration to work around Doxygen
  1.8.19 bug which truncates a config file read from stdin to 4096 bytes

Thu Jan 14 14:45:04 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated textproc/xapian to 1.4.18

Thu Jan 14 14:45:04 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated textproc/xapian-omega to 1.4.18

Thu Jan 14 13:15:04 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Use the macro used elsewhere to fix build on at least macOS. Also
build-tested on CentOS 7 and Tribblix m24.

Thu Jan 14 12:15:02 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Take steps toward running under other UCSPI-TLS server implementations:

- Set CADIR in the environment.

- Prefer a separate keyfile for TLS. If it's not present, attempt to
  generate it by copying out the private key from the certfile.

- Don't provide an affordance for overriding the compiled-in cipherlist.

- Be willing to enable TLS without a DH params file.

While here, invent control/localfilters. If it exists, it's a sequence
of filters for SMTP connections on localhost.

Bump version.

Thu Jan 14 12:15:02 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated mail/qmail-run to 20210114

Thu Jan 14 11:45:04 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Improve TLS setup instructions. Bump PKGREVISION.

Thu Jan 14 11:45:04 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated mail/qmail to 1.03nb50

Wed Jan 13 06:15:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Fix PLIST in the dylib case.

Wed Jan 13 06:15:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Remove the non-applicable warning about CADIR. Bump PKGREVISION.

Wed Jan 13 06:15:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated net/s6-networking to

Mon Jan 11 16:45:07 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
PKGREVISION bump from skalibs update (and fix building with changed API).

Mon Jan 11 16:45:07 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated sysutils/fdtools to 2020.05.04nb1

Mon Jan 11 14:45:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Bump default BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.execline to the new version.

Mon Jan 11 14:45:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Bump default BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.skalibs to the new version.

Mon Jan 11 14:45:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Describe 'execline' option.

Mon Jan 11 14:45:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to From the changelog:

- Bugfixes.
- Changes to s6-svscan and s6-svscanctl: the list of commands
  that can be sent to s6-svscan has been thoroughly cleaned up.
  s6-svscan now scans and prunes on SIGHUP.
- Changes to s6-supervise and s6-svc: -X not supported anymore,
  nosetsid not supported anymore. SIGHUP now properly closes
  stdin/stdout to allow the service to naturally exit on EOF;
  SIGQUIT semantics changed to immediately bail. SIGINT is now
  trapped and forwarded to the service's process group.
- New binary: s6-svperms, implementing a split permissions
  model. (By default, everything is the same as before.)
- New binary: s6-usertree-maker, creating service directories
  for supervision trees managed by users.

Mon Jan 11 14:45:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to From the changelog:

- New openc_* functions.
- New function: ipc_bind_reuse_lock(), taking a lock before
  unconditionally deleting the socket.
- ipc_bind_reuse() rewritten to use ipc_bind_reuse_lock(),
  so it does the right thing instead of clobbering sockets.
- Complete revamping of the pathexec functions, see exec.h.
- Revamping of the locking functions.
- Use of standard O_NONBLOCK and O_CLOEXEC instead of adhoc
- Better header separation; webipc.h removed (stuff moved to
- New function: mkptemp2(), creating a fifo with a templated
  name (like mkptemp) but with options for O_NONBLOCK and O_CLOEXEC.
- New sysdep to test for chroot().

Mon Jan 11 14:45:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to From the changelog:

- Version that works with skalibs-

Mon Jan 11 14:45:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to From the changelog:

- New function: s6dns_message_parse_question().

Mon Jan 11 14:45:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to From the changelog:

- Can be built against OpenSSL + libretls.
- execline is now optional.
- s6-tlsc and s6-tlsd rewrite. They're now wrappers around new
  binaries: s6-tlsc-io and s6-tlsd-io, which establish and run a
  TLS tunnel over already existing fds.
- New functionality: s6-ucspitlsc and s6-ucspitlsd, for an
  implementation of delayed encryption.

pkgsrc changes:

- Switch from BearSSL to LibreTLS (atop OpenSSL).
- Turn 'execline' option off by default.

Mon Jan 11 14:45:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to From the changelog:

- forstdin QoL changes: now it exits 1 if it doesn't read anything,
  and it only splits on newlines by default.
- forbacktickx, which is a wrapper to forstdin, gets the same changes.
- Line-processing binaries now chomp by default. Substitution
  binaries do not.
- New -N option everywhere to disable chomping.
- New "default" directive to trap, replacing the irrelevant "timeout".

Mon Jan 11 14:45:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated devel/skalibs to

Mon Jan 11 14:45:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated lang/execline to

Mon Jan 11 14:45:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated misc/s6-portable-utils to

Mon Jan 11 14:45:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated net/s6-dns to

Mon Jan 11 14:45:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated net/s6-networking to

Mon Jan 11 14:45:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated sysutils/s6 to

Mon Jan 11 12:15:05 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to 0.3. From the changelog:

- Windows CI is included and working
- Reporters launch in the background, no longer blocking
- Removed encoding options on verify_file
- Added PyPI documentation

Mon Jan 11 12:15:05 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated devel/py-approvaltests to 0.3.0

Sat Jan 9 07:30:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Add missing ifdef guard to fix OpenBSD build.

Fri Jan 8 15:00:07 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Instead of auto-choosing openssl if gnutls is not selected, use
PKG_OPTIONS_OPTIONAL_GROUPS and allow building with neither.
The default remains openssl.

Fri Jan 8 12:30:04 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Apply upstream patch to fix compilation error on macOS and Solaris 9.

Sun Jan 3 03:45:15 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to 1.1.0. From the changelog:

- Add optional `--no-squash` for `mob done` to keep commits from
  wip branch.
- Add environment variable `MOB_DONE_SQUASH` to configure the `mob done`
  behaviour. `MOB_DONE_SQUASH=false` is equal to passing flag

Sun Jan 3 03:45:15 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated devel/mob to 1.1.0

Fri Jan 1 16:00:22 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Note highlight and p5-highlight updates.

Fri Jan 1 16:00:22 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to 3.60. From the changelog:

- improved PHP 8 syntax support
- added Emacs Org-Mode support (#174)
- fixed single argument and truecolor output of mark_lines.lua
  plug-in (#164)
- added lineno and column parameters to Decorate hook
- LIB: moved CodeGenerator::readUserStyleDef and getStyleDefinition to
  public (#173)

Fri Jan 1 16:00:22 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated textproc/libhighlight to 3.60

Fri Jan 1 12:00:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Remove unneeded bglibs dependency. Bump PKGREVISION.

Fri Jan 1 12:00:03 2021 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated mail/qmail-qfilter to 2.1nb6

Thu Dec 31 06:30:04 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Configure with --enable-xplugin-dock-support to fix build on 64-bit-only
macOS. In exchange for avoiding the use of the bundled i386 binary blob,
this drops compatibility with older macOS (by requiring a newer API in
the system libXplugin). In case this had been building for anyone on
semi-recent macOS, bump PKGREVISION.

Addresses pkg/55880.

Thu Dec 31 06:30:04 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated wm/quartz-wm to 1.3.1nb2

Tue Dec 29 08:00:07 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to 0.75. From the changelog:

- Passing multiple tags arguments to prove correctly intersects
  the sets;
  e.g. '--feature-option tags=@wip --feature-option tags=@daily' now
  correctly runs stricttly the scenarios matching both @wip and @daily
- Tutorial.pod incorrectly stated --tags=@tag1,~@tag2 runs scenarios
  tagged '@tag1' except those tagged '@tag2': it runs all tagged
  '@tag1' and all *not* tagged '@tag2'.
- Clarified difference between step definitions, step models and step
  execution contexts

- Explanation in 'pherkin' how to pass tag patterns
- Expanded explanation in Tuturial.pod how to pass tag patterns

Updating during the freeze for bugfixes and documentation improvements.

Tue Dec 29 08:00:07 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated devel/p5-Test-BDD-Cucumber to 0.75

Mon Dec 28 06:30:08 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to 1.4.58. From the changelog:

- [tests] collect code for "die-at-end" tests
- [tests] remove FastCGI test dependency on libfcgi
- [core] prefer IPv6+IPv4 func vs IPv4-specific func
- [tests] remove FastCGI test dependency on PHP
- [core] reuse large mem chunks (fix mem usage) (fixes #3033)
- [core] add comment for FastCGI mem use in hctx→rb (#3033)
- [mod_proxy] fix sending of initial reqbody chunked
- [multiple] fdevent_waitpid() wrapper
- [core] sys-time.h – localtime_r,gmtime_r macros
- [core] http_date.[ch] encapsulate HTTP-date parse
- [core] specialized strptime() for HTTP date fmts
- [multiple] employ http_date.h, sys-time.h
- [core] http_date_timegm() (portable timegm())
- buffer_append_path_len() to join paths
- [core] inet_ntop_cache -> sock_addr_cache
- [tests] slight speed up checking for server ready
- [tests] load required modules in alt .conf tests
- [multiple] etag.[ch] -> http_etag.[ch]; better imp
- [core] fix crash after specific err in config file
- [core] fix bug in FastCGI uploads (#3033)
- [tests] OpenBSD crypt() support limited to bcrypt
- [core] http_response_match_if_range()
- [mod_webdav] typedef off_t loff_t for FreeBSD
- [multiple] chunkqueue_write_chunk()
- [build] add GNUMAKEFLAGS=—no-print-directory
- [tests] consolidate some tests/ content
- [core] fix bug in read retry found by coverity

Updating during the freeze for (also from the changelog) "important
changes: bugfixes, portability".

Mon Dec 28 06:30:08 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated www/lighttpd to 1.4.58

Tue Dec 22 11:00:09 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc-wip commits)
Update to 0.3. From the changelog:

- Makefile now builds a shared library in addition to the static
  library. (This doesn't build on my macOS dev system, so I've not
  enabled it yet in pkgsrc-wip.)
- A fallback implementation of explicit_bzero was added for systems
  that lack it.
- Fix NULL dereference when a server is configured without any

Sat Dec 19 14:30:11 2020 schmonz (notqmail commits)
"install": declare missing dependencies.

Sat Dec 19 14:30:11 2020 schmonz (notqmail commits)
NFCI: Make "compile" target match "load" target.

Sat Dec 19 14:30:10 2020 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Extract an "instqueue" program from instpackage.

Packagers need a way to make the queue (and only the queue) at
package-install time.

Sat Dec 19 08:30:10 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to 4.0.5. From the changelog:

- Fix for #72, newly generated test suite refers to file using
  $TEXTTEST_ROOT now to make it easier to version control
- Fix for #75, improve naming of controls and handle lack of source file
  in Import Files dialog
- Fix for #74, focus now in first combo box or text field in dialogs,
  not just first text field. Mainly for Import Files.
- Fixing preview of new or missing files that cannot be decoded using
  the default encoding
- Fix an issue when starting sge slave
- Fix issue when the config queue capacity is None
- Restore functionality to have mode-dependent window sizes
  (dynamic_screen_height etc) which was lost in 4.0
- Possibility to increase parallelism via queue_system_max_capacity
- Make sure we can terminate running tests

Sat Dec 19 08:30:10 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated devel/texttest to 4.0.5

Fri Dec 18 15:00:05 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
= Highlight CHANGELOG
:toc-title: Contents
:toc: left
:toclevels: 1

== highlight 3.59


  - HTML output: added `white-space: pre-wrap` to pre tag CSS
  - updated mark_lines.lua plug-in accept a line range as input parameter and output xterm256 terminal sequences
  - improved Ruby code folding of the outhtml_codefold plug-in
  - updated astyle lib to rev 672
  - added support for reStructured Text (
  - added support for Rego (
  - added `outhtml_copy_clipboard.lua` plugin
  - CLI: adapted default xterm256/truecolor theme to terminal background colour
  - CLI: adapted ANSI line numbers to terminal background colour (
  - CLI: fixed segfault if the user home directory cannot be determined (
  - GUI: initial font set to Monospace
  - GUI: replaced highlight.xpm by highlight.png icon

== highlight 3.58


  - improved `--force` fallback argument handling (
  - added C++ attribute syntax support
  - added Lua function `StoreValue` to set and retrieve information across Lua states
  - added `extras/eclipse-themes/` script to retrieve themes from
  - added support for Web Assembly Text
  - updated mark_lines.lua to output 16m terminal sequences (
  - fixed issues in bash.lang (
  - fixed Bash heredoc highlighting in bash_functions.lua (
  - CLI: `highlight --version -q` only prints the version number
  - GUI: added theme contrast indicator

== highlight 3.57


  - added support for Haml (
  - added support for Wren
  - added Lua function `OverrideParam`
  - fixed regression in xterm256 or truecolor output (
  - fixed `--list-scripts` with read-only language definitions (
  - improved several language definitions
  - Windows GUI: added dark mode

== highlight 3.56


  - added support for Sequence Alignment Maps (SAM files)
  - added empty-file mode to `--no-trailing-nl` (
  - fixed issue with `--syntax-by-name` waiting for stdin (
  - fixed issue with `--syntax` reading matching files in the current working directory (
  - fixed string parsing in lisp.lang (
  - fixed output of UTF-8 text in xterm256 or truecolor output (
  - fixed regex in js.lang (thanks to Jens Schleusener)
  - fixed calculation of testcase markers with UTF-8 input
  - allowed number literals with underscores in Java, Scala, D, Julia, C#, Perl and Ada definitions
  - added Nord theme (

== highlight 3.55


  - improved handling of empty files in xterm256 and truecolor output (
  - added EncodingHint attributes to filetypes.conf and language definitions (
  - CLI: allowed file paths as --theme and --syntax argument (
  - GUI: removed deprecated QTime API call

== highlight 3.54.1


  - W32 CLI: fixed two pass mode if executed in Mingw shell

== highlight 3.54


  - fixed default colour output in BBCode (
  - fixed corner case in sh.lang
  - fixed syntax tests with UTF-8 input (
  - added support for Bash in outhtml_codefold.lua plug-in
  - added ballerina.lang
  - added block strings to java.lang
  - added author hints in themes and language definitions
  - added C++20 reserved words in c.lang
  - added editorconfig file and validated all files accordingly (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)
  - CLI: fixed `--list-scripts` with `-d` or HIGHLIGHT_DATADIR env variable (
  - GUI W32: replaced multibyte path trace window by startup hint if NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation is set
  - GUI: removed AsciiDoc instruction lines from the README popup window

== highlight 3.53


  - fixed out-of-range exception with repeated `AddKeyword` calls
  - added `KeywordFormatHints`, `Priority` and `Constraints` elements to syntax definitions
  - added Lua function `AddPersistentState` (
  - renamed md.lang to markdown.lang
  - added Fish syntax definition (thanks to James Lee)
  - makefile: added _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 flag
  - CLI: added optional fallback syntax to `--force` (
  - CLI: added option `--max-size` (
  - GUI: added multibyte path trace window
  - GUI: fixed superfluous creation of the same stylesheet file

== highlight 3.52


  - added negation `~` to test state indicators (
  - added support for Hugo (
  - added 5 duotone themes (
  - CLI: fixed segfault with `--force` (
  - GUI: limited font selection to monospace fonts (

== highlight 3.51


  - SVG output: added `white-space: pre` in styles
  - HTML output: replaced &apos; by &#39; (
  - HTML output: fixed index file format (missing close tags)
  - CLI: moved syntax recognition functions to DataDir class
  - CLI: added regular expressions and default false values to `--verbose` output
  - CLI: fixed `--list-cat` without `--list-scripts` (
  - CLI: added optional argument to `--base16` (
  - CLI: added default base16 themes (
  - CLI: added `--isolate` option (
  - GUI: improved UTF16 input path handling on Windows

== highlight 3.50


  - added lineno, column parameters to OnStateChange hook
  - added support for Crystal (thanks to C R Jaensch)
  - added support for Slim (
  - compress man docs during installation (thanks to Chris Mayo)
  - fixed several typos in documentation and manpages
  - CLI: added `--syntax-by-name` option (suggested by Chris Mayo)
  - CLI: removed deprecated `--list-langs` and `--list-themes` options
  - GUI: added terminal sequence output options (

== highlight 3.49


 - fixed more problems with syntax test indicators reporting wrong states (
 - added support for Meson, Solidity, TOML and Terraform
 - improved Perl and Yaml highlighting
 - added Categories field to all config files
 - CLI: added category info in `--list-scripts` output
 - CLI: added `--list-cat` option (
 - CLI: added optional topic parameter to `--help`
 - GUI: added theme category selection
 - GUI: display categories of selected syntax or theme

== highlight 3.48


 - fixed `--list-scripts` abortion with Fedora default compilation options (
 - fixed a problem with syntax test indicators reporting wrong states after comments
 - improved Verilog syntax
 - improved quoted string highlighting for Perl and Ruby
 - detection of pkg-config's Lua version in src/makefile

== highlight 3.47


 - fixed xterm256 and truecolor whitespace output #2 (
 - fixed LaTeX, TeX, SVG and ODT whitespace output (regression of 3.45)
 - added darkplus theme (
 - converted ChangeLog to AsciiDoc
 - allowed state test indicators to match both whitespace (ws) and the enclosing state (others)
 - CLI: default output changed to xterm256 or truecolor if run in a terminal
        with color support and only a single file is outputted
 - GUI: added checkbox in the clipboard tab to output selected lines only

== highlight 3.46


 - fixed xterm256 and truecolor whitespace output (
 - converted manuals to AsciiDoc (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)

== highlight 3.45


 - added `DocumentHeader` and `DocumentFooter` plug-in hooks
 - added `RemoveKeyword` Lua function for syntax definitions
 - added syntax test indicators (see README_TESTCASES)
 - added support for ISO and R10 variants of Modula2 (thanks to Benjamin Kowarsch)
 - fixed R identifiers (
 - fixed ALAN IF identifiers (see
 - fixed issue with Bash string interpolation
 - fixed some bugs found by coverity tool (
 - added Swift keywords and types
 - added filetypes.conf.5 man page (
 - added Gradle extension mapping (

== highlight 3.44


 - fixed gcc 8 compilation warnings
 - fixed Ruby string interpolation
 - added support for ALAN IF (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)
 - added 107 Base16 themes (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)
 - updated Rust and Java reserved words lists
 - revised documentation
 - moved extras/css-themes into extras/themes-resources
 - added extras/themes-resources/base16 (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)
 - GUI: added Base16 theme selection checkbox
 - CLI: added `--base16` option to enable the new themes
 - CLI: accept - as argument to read from stdin

== highlight 3.43


 - updated astyle code to release 3.1 (Rev. 655)
 - added webkit reformatting style
 - improved several language definitions
 - fixed Matlab string recognition
 - fixed Autohotkey escape sequence recognition (thanks to Klaus Daube)
 - added excel.lang (
 - improved Qt pro file (
 - CLI: added `--reformat-option`
 - CLI: added `--line-range` (
 - GUI: added Bulgarian translation  (thanks to Georgi Sotirov)

== highlight 3.42


 - fixed `HL_OUTPUT` in Lua state for `HL_FORMAT_XHTML` and `HL_FORMAT_TRUECOLOR` values
 - fixed lib-shared make target
 - updated astyle code to release 3.1.0 beta
 - added Polygen and EBNF2 syntax definitions (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)
 - added pywal terminal colouring template in extras/pywal
 - added reformatting style ratliff (replaces banner)
 - added extras/langDefs-resources/cleanslate.lang (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)
 - improved Perl6 compatibility
 - improved PHP string interpolation
 - improved Haskell definition (
 - CLI: added `--canvas` option to define background color padding in ANSI output
 - GUI: added French translation (thanks to Antoine Belvire)
 - GUI: added Scripts tab (suggested by Tristano Ajmone)
 - GUI: minor bugfixes

== highlight 3.41


 - renamed examples directory to extras
 - line anchors (`-a`) are attached as id attribute to the first span or li tag in
   HTML output (
 - renamed ID prefix in outhtml_codefold plug-in to be compatible with `-a` IDs
 - added fstab.lang and added anacrontab in filetypes.conf
 - removed references to OutputType::HTML32
 - added extras/css-themes and extras/langDefs-resources
   (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)
 - CLI: removed deprecated indicator of `--data-dir` option
 - CLI: added `--no-version-info` option
 - GUI: fixed initial theme selection
 - GUI: added "Omit version info comment" option
 - GUI: added "Copy with MIME type" option for HTML output

== highlight 3.40


 - fixed Ruby string parsing (thanks to Jens Schleusener)
 - fixed segfault on sparc64 (patch by James Clarke)
 - fixed PureBasic definition (
 - added CMake definition (
 - added email definition (
 - linked scm suffix to lisp definition
 - W32 CLI: support HIGHLIGHT_DATADIR and `--data-dir` options
 - revised documentation

== highlight 3.39


 - added syntax for Docker and Elixir
 - improved HTML, Julia, Kotlin and Smalltalk syntax definitions
 - GUI: added "Paste, Convert and Copy" button

== highlight 3.38


 - fixed Bash variable highlighting issue
 - updated astyle code to release 3.0.1 (
 - added bash_ref_man7_org.lua plugin

== highlight 3.37


 - fixed Perl string highlighting issue
 - fixed highlighting if a line continues after the nested code delimiter
 - updated astyle code to release 3.0
 - added examples/pandoc (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)
 - added syntax mapping for markdown
 - added syntax mapping for clj
 - improved Java definition (
 - added theme to JSON converter in  examples/json
 - CLI: added support for environment variable HIGHLIGHT_OPTIONS

== highlight 3.36


 - fixed code folding plugin to support more Ruby conditional modifiers
   (thanks to Jens Schleusener)
 - fixed Perl quoted string highlighting (thanks to Jens Schleusener)
 - added new GeneratorOverride syntax definition parameter
 - added Filenames parameter in filetypes.conf to assign input filenames
   to syntax types (suggested by Andy)
 - added FASM definition and edit-fasm theme (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)
 - added outhtml_ie7_webctrl plug-in (suggested by Tristano Ajmone)
 - GUI: file extensions can be configured for multiple languages,
   triggers syntax selection prompt
 - GUI: added Italian translation (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)

== highlight 3.35


 - fixed code folding plugin to support Ruby conditional modifiers
 - fixed JSON definition (thanks to Timothee Cour)
 - fixed output of unknown syntax warning with applied force switch
   (thanks to Andy)
 - added state trace parameter to `Decorate` plug-in function
 - added GDScript definition and edit-godot theme (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)
 - updated SWIG code samples
 - updated Artistic Style lib (SVN Rev. 553)
 - revised docs
 - CLI: fixed creation of hidden files if output filename is prepended by its
   input path
 - CLI: added switch `--stdout` (

== highlight 3.34


 - fixed segfault with `--skip` applied on a single file input list
   (thanks to Jens Schleusener)
 - added support for Python 3.6 syntax
 - added Github and Sourceforge themes

== highlight 3.33


 - fixed highlighting of nested section delimiters
 - fixed PHP definition (thanks to Christoph Burschka)
 - fixed font family declaration in SVG
 - fixed user defined encoding in ODT
 - fixed unnecessary output of style file with `--inline-css`
   (thanks to Jens Schleusener)
 - added vimscript language definition (thanks to Max Christian Pohle)
 - added Coffeescript language definition (thanks to Jess Austin)
 - added PureBasic definition and theme (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)
 - added JSX language definition (suggested by Max Stoiber)
 - added PO translation definition
 - added plug-in outhtml_add_figure.lua
 - updated js definition
 - updated Artistic Style lib (SVN Rev. 521)
 - improved various color themes and syntax definitions

== highlight 3.32


 - added support for true color escape codes (`--out-format` truecolor)
 - fixed xterm256 output for paging with less (thanks to Fylwind)
 - fixed operator regex in rnc.lang, crk.lang and yaml.lang (thanks to Joe Klauza)
 - added Pony and Whiley definitions
 - updated Ceylon, Julia and TypeScript definitions
 - added Go, AutoHotKey, TypeScript and R to the foldable list in the
   outhtml_codefold.lua plug-in
 - removed plugins/bash_ref_linuxmanpages_com.lua
 - GUI: fixed README, ChangeLog and License file paths on Linux

== highlight 3.31


 - revised documentation
 - GUI: fixed minor layout issues

== highlight 3.30


 - the data directory can be defined with the HIGHLIGHT_DATADIR environment variable
 - fixed RTF output of UTF-8 input; needs input encoding set to utf-8
   (thanks to Kamigishi Rei)
 - fixed XML comment recognition (thanks to Mani)
 - data search directories were appended to the result of `--list-scripts`
 - revised older syntax definitions
 - updated base URLs of bash_ref_linuxmanpages and cpp_ref_qtproject plug-ins
 - GUI: added system copy and paste shortcuts for clipboard functions
   (suggested by Kamigishi Rei)

== highlight 3.29


 - added Ansible Yaml definition (thanks to Raphael Droz)
 - added Chapel definition (thanks to Lydia Duncan)
 - fixed gcc 6 warnings about deprecated auto_ptr usage
 - src/makefile: added -std=c++11 because of auto_ptr to unique_ptr transition
   (thanks to Jens Schleusener)
 - GUI: fixed style file output if "write to source directory" option is
   checked (thanks to Jim Pattee)

== highlight 3.28


 - added support of Pascal, Lua, Ruby and C# regions in outhtml_codefold.lua
 - improved outhtml_codefold.lua to handle embedded languages
 - added string delimiters in the Ruby definition
 - added new AssertEqualLength flag in string section of language definitions
 - improved heredoc parsing
 - fixed Lua multiline string recognition
 - improved SVG whitespace output (patch by Paul de Vrieze)
 - added Nim and mIRC Scripting definitions

== highlight 3.27


 - improved outhtml_codefold.lua to ignore brackets on the same line
 - added RTF output to mark_lines.lua
 - fixed Powershell and NSIS definitions
 - added JSON and Github Markdown definitions
 - CLI: added `--keep-injections` option to force plugin injection output with `-f`
 - GUI: added keep injections checkbox
 - GUI: fixed crash after removing selected plugins

== highlight 3.26


 - added `HL_REJECT` state to be used in a `OnStateChange` function
 - added `DecorateLineBegin` and `DecorateLineEnd` hooks
 - added mark_lines.lua, outhtml_codefold.lua, comment_links.lua plug-ins
 - fixed font face in ODT output
 - fixed Operators parameter in frink.lang and oorexx.lang
 - fixed regular expression parsing within strings for JS, Perl and Ruby
 - CLI: added `--page-color` option to include a page color in RTF output
 - GUI: added RTF page color checkbox

== highlight 3.25


 - added new SVG definition to support embedded scripting
 - improved js.lang, css.lang, scss.lang, less.lang, tsql.lang
 - modified HTML ordered list output to work better with new plug-ins
 - renamed plug-in variable `HL_INPUT_FILE` to `HL_PLUGIN_PARAM`
 - CLI: renamed `--plug-in-read` option to `--plug-in-param`
 - GUI: updated plug-in parameter label and tool-tips
 - GUI: fixed minor issues

== highlight 3.24


 - fixed TeX output for cweb documents (patch by Ingo Krabbe)
 - fixed string interpolation in bat.lang
 - added reduce_filesize.lua, outhtml_add_shadow.lua,
   outhtml_add_background_svg.lua, outhtml_add_background_stripes.lua,
   outhtml_add_line.lua plug-ins
 - added TCL extension in examples/tcl
 - added kotlin.lang, nginx.lang and julia.lang
 - updated php.lang to include version 7 keywords
 - updated ceylon.lang to include version 1.2 keywords
 - updated scripts in examples directory
 - CLI: style-infile option marked as deprecated
 - GUI: shortened paths in file input lists

== highlight 3.23


 - added rs.lang
 - added conf.lang (thanks to Victor Ananjevsky)
 - added some extensions in filetypes.conf (patch by Victor Ananjevsky)
 - fixed Matlab definition and style (thanks to Justin Pearson)
 - CLI: fixed `--list-scripts` with unknown argument (thanks to Jens Schleusener)

== highlight 3.22


 - updated astyle code to release 2.05.1
 - fixed shebang recognition (thanks to Victor Ananjevsky)
 - GUI: added option to define line numbering start

== highlight 3.21


 - added support for LESS, SASS and Stylus CSS processors (suggested by Marcel Bischoff)
 - added support for Lua 5.3, removed LUA52 makefile option
 - fixed heredoc matching in perl.lang (thanks to cornucopia)
 - fixed Haskell lang (thanks to Daan Michiels)
 - fixed RNC lang (thanks to Daan Michiels)
 - fixed regex pattern in js.lang

== highlight 3.20


 - updated astyle code to release 2.05
 - added astyle reformatting style vtk

== highlight 3.19


 - added bold, italic and underline attributes to xterm256 ANSI output
   (patch by Andrew Fuller)
 - fixed assembler mapping in filetypes.conf (thanks to Jens Schleusener)
 - added Swift definition
 - improved ASP, F#, OCaml and Lisp syntax definitions
 - added interpolation patterns to several definitions
 - updated base URLs in cpp_ref_gtk_gnome and cpp_ref_qtproject plug-ins
 - CLI: added Pango markup output option (patch by Dominik Schmidt)

== highlight 3.18


 - filenames without extension (ie. makefile) can be mapped in filetypes.conf
   (suggested by Sam Craig)
 - fixed Rexx highlighting
 - added GDB language definition (thanks to A. Aniruddha)
 - added the.theme (thanks to Mark Hessling)

== highlight 3.17


 - updated astyle code to release 2.04
 - added astyle reformatting styles google, pico and lisp
 - improved raw string parsing in cs.lang (patch by
 - added regex recognition in js.lang (patch by Troy Sankey)
 - added PDF language definition (thanks to Roland Hieber)

== highlight 3.16.1


 - fixed debug output in sh.lang (

== highlight 3.16


 - updated astyle code to release 2.03
 - added heredoc string literal parsing for Lisp, Perl, PHP, Ruby and Bash
 - revised several language definitions
 - added DataDir::searchDataDir for the Perl SWIG bindings (thanks to David Bremner)
 - added SWIG PHP binding (patch by G. Wijaya)

== highlight 3.15


 - updated Diluculum code to release 1.0 (support of Lua 5.2)
 - patched Diluculum to support Lua 5.1 and 5.2
 - added support for Yang (thanks to A. Aniruddha)
 - fixed Ruby definition

== highlight 3.14


 - added HeaderInjection and FooterInjection variables for syntax plug-ins
 - fixed handling of CRLF files on Linux (suggested by William Bell)
 - replaced single data directory by a dynamic config file search; see README
   (suggested by Daniel)
 - added plug-ins outhtml_parantheses_matcher.lua, outhtml_keyword_matcher.lua
 - CLI: added `--list-scripts` option
 - CLI: marked `--data-dir`, `--list-langs`, `--list-themes` options as deprecated
 - CLI: removed `--add-config-dir` option

== highlight 3.13


 - added support for Crack (thanks to Conrad Steenberg)
 - added XML shebang regex (thanks to Ferry Huberts)
 - added hints to makefile to deal with Lua 5.1 and LuaJIT system libs
 - updated cpp_ref_gtk_gnome.lua plug-in
 - updated cpp_ref_cplusplus_com.lua plug-in
 - CLI: fixed segfault if `--force` was applied and unknown files were parsed
   (thanks to Jussi Judin)
 - GUI: fixed unselected theme after first program start

== highlight 3.12


 - CSS class name is omitted in HTML output if class-name option is set to NONE
 - added support for highlighting of string interpolation
 - added support for Dart and TypeScript
 - fixed SWIG module
 - GUI: added Simplified Chinese translation (thanks to Love NoAny)

== highlight 3.11 beta


 - replaced Pattern/Matcher classes by the Boost xpressive library
   (now swig example is broken)
 - updated Relax NG syntax (thanks to Roger Sperberg)
 - added new oxygenated theme (thanks to Roger Sperberg)
 - fixed to include correct lua5.1 paths
 - GUI: fixed shebang recognition

== highlight 3.10 beta


 - fixed HTML ordered lists to improve copy&paste in browsers (suggested by Nash)
 - changed default output from HTML 4.01 to HTML5
 - changed default HTML font family to include the generic monospace font
 - added ODT Flat XML output format (`--out-format=odt`)
 - added fontenc package in LaTeX output (patch by Yimin Li)
 - fixed RTF hyperlink output in several plug-ins
 - removed ctags option (functionality was replaced by plug-in)
 - CLI: added `--wrap-no-numbers` option (patch by Michael Enßlin)
 - GUI: replaced Qt file dialogs by native dialogs

== highlight 3.9


 - enhanced the plug-in interface (added Decorator function and Injections property)
 - added several example plug-ins which show how to add keyword links to online
   references (e.g.,, qtproject_org)
 - added ctags plugin (ctags_html_tooltips.lua)
 - improved Perl and N3 definitions (thanks to Heiko Jansen)
 - CLI: marked `--ctags-file` option as deprecated
 - CLI: added `--plug-in-read` option to define an input file for plug-ins
 - CLI: fixed file suffix recognition
 - GUI: added input field for a plug-in input file
 - GUI: fixed initial input tab selection
 - GUI: set initial font selection to Courier

== highlight 3.8


 - updated astyle code to release 2.02.1
 - fixed SWIG perl binding makefile (patch by David Bremner)
 - fixed shebang recognition (patch by Georgios M. Zarkadas)
 - fixed file suffix recognition (patch by Georgios M. Zarkadas)
 - fixed memory leak in astyle's ASFormatter (patch by MENG Wei)

== highlight 3.7


 - added support for Biferno (thanks to Sandro Bilbeisi)
 - added support for RPL (thanks to Frank Seidinger)
 - added support for Ceylon
 - fixed Ruby definition
 - HTML font string may contain a list of fonts, which is not enclosed in quotes
   (suggested by Sebastiano Poggi)
 - GUI: added `--portable` command line option to save config files in the current
   working directory instead of the user directory (suggested by Royi Avital)
 - GUI: fixed some language mappings

== highlight 3.6


 - added support for UPC (thanks to Viraj Sinha)
 - added support for N3, N-Triples, Turtle, SPARQL (suggested by  Heiko Jansen)
 - added Solarized color theme (thanks to Steve Huff)
 - fixed OCaml definition (thanks to Kakadu Hafanana)
 - fixed camo colour theme
 - removed sienna and desertEx colour themes
 - CLI: fixed segfault with `--print-style` option
 - GUI: added "Dock floating panels" checkbox in the main menu

== highlight 3.5


 - updated astyle code to release 2.02
 - fixed `--force` option (thanks to Stefan Bühler)

== highlight 3.4


 - added support for ABC, Algol, AS/400 CL, BCPL,  Limbo, Gambas, JavaFX,
   RPG, Transact-SQL, PL/Perl, PL/Tcl, PL/Python, Charmm
 - fixed web plugins (Serendipity, DokuWiki, Wordpress)
 - fixed BBCode closing tag order
 - GUI: Updated Czech translation (thanks to Pavel Fric)

== highlight 3.3


 - updated astyle code to release 2.01
 - fixed overwriting of files with the same name in recursive batch mode
   (thanks to Ramanathan U.)
 - added DataDir class to SWIG interface (patch by David Bremner)
 - added Andes theme (thanks to Roger Sperberg)
 - enabled deprecated @highlight pass-through (suggested by David Bremner)
 - dropped oceandeep theme
 - updated documentation

== highlight 3.2


 - added plug-in function `AddKeyword` (suggested by Michael Serrano)
 - language definitions are cached instead of being reloaded if input syntax
 - added keyword group ID parameter to the plug-in function `OnStateChange`
 - added plug-in script bash_functions.lua
 - added theme description in output style's comment
 - added enum and union keywords in c.lang (thanks to Thiago)
 - added dl linking flag in Makefile to fix Debian build error
   (thanks to Michael Serrano)
 - added NDEBUG flag in makefile to disable asserts
 - GUI: Added Czech translation (thanks to Pavel Fric)

== highlight 3.1


 - updated Diluculum to version 0.5.3
 - fixed README
 - fixed conversion without highlighting (`--syntax txt`)
 - fixed msxml definition (thanks to Andrei Rosca)
 - added edit-flashdevelop theme (thanks to Andrei Rosca)
 - CLI: fixed minor bugs

== highlight 3.1 beta3


 - added `--config-file` option
 - CLI: fixed minor bugs
 - GUI: renamed output specific options tab
 - GUI: remember state of the dock panel

== highlight 3.1 beta2


 - moved plugin scripts from examples to new plugins directory
 - fixed web_plugin path in makefile (thanks to Jochen Schmitt)
 - fixed SWIG interface and example scripts
 - improved converted VIM colour themes
 - improved several language definitions (Fortran77, Zonnon,
   Basic, Verilog, Squirrel, R)
 - added new plugins (java_library.lua, theme_invert.lua)
 - GUI: added plug-in description label
 - GUI: moved setting controls into a dock panel

== highlight 3.1 beta1


 - enabled loading of multiple plugins
 - added MXML language definition (suggested by Neal Delfeld)
 - fixed HTML, XML, CSS, Actionscript and JavaScript definitions
 - converted 60 popular VIM colour themes

== highlight 3.0 beta


 - language definitions, themes, filetypes.conf were converted to Lua scripts
   (try examples/* to convert old files)
 - added `--plug-in` option to enable user scripts
 - renamed *.style files to *.theme
 - moved include files from src/core to src/include
 - moved examples/plugins to examples/web_plugins
 - renamed `--linenumbers` to `--line-numbers`
 - renamed several language definitions and themes
 - fixed several string delimiter issues (Ruby, Lua)
 - changed default theme for xterm256 output to edit-vim-dark
 - changed short options: `-O` is `--out-format`, `-d` is `--out-dir`, `-T` is `--doc-title`
 - disabled `--mark-line` feature
 - disabled `--add-data-dir` feature
 - disabled separate output format options (use `--out-format` instead)
 - disabled XML output (use SVG or XHTML)
 - New dependencies: Lua5.1-devel, Boost Headers (Bind)

== highlight 2.16


 - updated astyle code to release 1.24
 - added indentation styles 1tbs and horstmann
 - added `--no-trailing-nl` switch (suggested by Adiel Mittmann)
 - added Modula2 definition (thanks to Benjamin Kowarsch)
 - added EBNF definition (thanks to Mate Ory)
 - added ABNF, AutoHotKey, BBCode and Clean language definitions
 - updated C++ definition to support C++0x syntax
 - added StartupNotify switch in desktop file (patch by Jochen Schmitt)

== highlight 2.15


 - improved HTML nested language patterns (thanks to Simone)
 - improved Rexx and PL1 definitions (thanks to Robert Prins)
 - added support for NXC and NBC
 - GUI: added copy and paste support (thanks to Torsten Flammiger)
 - GUI: fixed preview of UTF-8 input

== highlight 2.14


 - fixed Rexx output (thanks to Marc Hessling)
 - added support for Go and Pure
 - added support for BNF (thanks to Julien Fontanet)
 - updated Logtalk definition (thanks to Paulo Moura)
 - updated THE theme  (thanks to Marc Hessling)
 - CLI: `--quiet` switch suppresses "Unknown source file extension" error
   (suggested by Nathan Gray)

== highlight 2.13


 - fixed SVG output (thanks to Xico)
 - GUI: added new icon

== highlight 2.12


 - fixed bug with $INCLUDE statement
 - fixed ctags file parsing
 - added nested language recognition within a source file (suggested by Pavel Striz)
 - added $NESTED statement to language definitions (pas, html, tex)
 - added support for F# (fs.lang)
 - added support for haXe (hx.lang)
 - improved various language definitions
 - revised documentation
 - LIB: added version to shared lib output name
 - CLI: added options `--start-nested` and `--print-style`

== highlight 2.11


 - added BBCode output option (`--bbcode`, suggested by Qui Peccavit)
 - added new `--delim-cr` option to cope with MacOS 9 files
   (suggested by Steven Haddock)
 - added shared lib target (make lib-shared, suggested by Dario Teixeira)
 - list of installed languages (`--list-langs`) was enhanced to include mapped file
   extensions (suggested by Martin Kammerlander)
 - improved many colour themes using Agave (

== highlight 2.10


 - fixed CR parsing bug on MacOS (thanks to Shiro Wilde)
 - fixed SWIG makefile (thanks to David Bremner)
 - license changed from GPLv2 to GPLv3 (incl. included libs)
 - updated Artistic Style lib to version 1.23
 - new indentation schemes: stroustrup, whitesmith, banner
 - removed indentSchemes and helpmsg directories
 - removed README_INDENT
 - replaced ide-devcpp theme by a new jedit theme
 - added support for Interactive Data Language (idlang, thanks to Roberto
 - added support for Rebol, Oz, Mercury, Zonnon, ATS (Applied Type System),
   CHILL, NetRexx, Inno Setup and INTERLIS
 - added pp, rjs, jnlp, groovy, gnad, es, sblc, ooc, gst, sq extensions
   to filetypes.conf
 - improved Prolog, Pike, Oberon, Nice, Java, Lisp, Lua, Haskell, C# and SML
 - improved spec.lang for RPM (thanks to Luoyi Ly)
 - CLI: option `--help-lang` is deprecated
 - API: dropped setSpecialOptions(), renamed initializing methods to init*

== highlight 2.9


 - added more customized boxes for the LaTeX `--pretty-symbols` switch
   (thanks to Romain Francois)
 - GUI: fixed makefile to pass custom paths to the Qt project makefile
   (thanks to Joerg Germeroth)
 - GUI: reduced window height (thanks to Fidel Barrera)
 - GUI: added Spanish translation (thanks to Fidel Barrera)
 - GUI: added drag and drop for input files

== highlight 2.8


 - added `--pretty-symbols` option to improve LaTeX output quality of tilde and
   braces (thanks to Romain Francois)
 - omitted warning message if `--syntax` parameter is contained in the `--skip` list
   (thanks to Bob Smith)
 - included language descriptions in `--list-langs` output
 - dropped dependency of `--replace-quotes` and `--fragment` options
 - enhanced Python SWIG example (
 - added qmake language definition
 - fixed SWIG scripts (thanks to David Bremner)
 - fixed gcc 4.4 compilation (patch by Jochen Schmitt)
 - dropped core/html32generator.*
 - dropped src/gui (wxWidgets based interface)
 - GUI: rewrote the user interface using Qt

== highlight 2.7


 - changed versioning scheme to major.minor
 - fixed infinite loop in the W32 build when outputting LaTeX/TeX as UTF-8
   (thanks to Christophe Bal)
 - fixed VHDL and Scilab definitions (thanks to Frederik Teichert)
 - fixed XML definition (thanks to Edin)
 - fixed `-r` switch (thanks to Frederik Teichert)
 - fixed default number recognition regex
 - added Clojure language definition (thanks to Pierre Larochelle)
 - added wrapping arrow in LaTeX/HTML output if `--wrap`/`--wrap-simple` is set
   (suggested by Frederik Teichert)
 - updated to match current Visual Studio appearance
   (suggested by Pieter Kruger)
 - added make targets "lib" and "cli"
 - organized sources in subdirectories (core, cli, gui) and adjusted makefiles

== highlight 2.6-14


 - added `--ctags-file` option to add tooltips with meta information in HTML output
 - added options to improve compatibility with GNU source-highlight: +
   `--doc`, `--no-doc`, `--tab`, `--css`, `--output-dir`, `--failsafe`, `--out-format`,
   `--src-lang`, `--line-number`, `--line-number-ref`
 - fixed ADA95, C#, Eiffel, Fortran, TCL, Bash definitions
 - added Vala language definition
 - added several file suffixes to filetypes.conf
 - fixed gcc 4.3 compilation issues (patch by Detlef Reichelt)
 - fixed race condition in makefile (patch by Jochen Schmitt)
 - added exit condition if input path matches output path
   (suggested by James Haefner)
 - GUI: added ctags file selection options (only wx2.9 version)

== highlight 2.6-13


 - added `--skip` option to ignore unknown file types (suggested by Bob Smith)
 - added Haskell LHS language definition (suggested by Sebastian Roeder)
 - added regex description for Perl and Ruby definitions
 - improved Bison, Paradox, SML, Snobol, Verilog definitions
 - renamed snobol.lang to sno.lang
 - updated Artistic Style lib to version 1.22
 - replaced dirstream lib by a faster file globbing method
   (invoked with `--batch-recursive`)
 - support for USE_FN_MATCH compile flag was dropped
 - Makefile generates libhighlight.a (suggested by Adiel Mittmann)
 - Updated SWIG makefile and documentation

== highlight 2.6-12


 - added RTF character stylesheet option (suggested by Klaus Nordby)
 - fixed filetypes.conf path in RPM specfile (thanks to Nikita Borodikhin)

== highlight 2.6-11


 - added SVG output option (`--svg`)
 - reassigned `-G` short option from `--class-name` to `--svg`
 - fixed various makefile issues (patches by Samuli Suominen)
 - added highlight.desktop file (suggested by Samuli Suominen)
 - GUI: added SVG and font selection options (only wx2.9 version)
 - GUI: reduced window height by hiding format specific input controls
 - updated highlight.spec to compile wx2.9 GUI

== highlight 2.6-10


 - fixed XHTML output (thanks to Allen McPherson)
 - added Logtalk definition (thanks to Paulo Moura)
 - added support for Eiffel ecf project files (thanks to Jérémie Blaser)
 - various code improvements (patch by Antonio Diaz Diaz)

== highlight 2.6-9


 - fixed `--validate-input` option with input from stdin
 - fixed missing DESTDIR prefix in makefile (thanks to Bob Smith)
 - fixed handling of several keyword regexes using the same group name
 - added support for Lilypond
 - added support for Arc (thanks to Pierre Larochelle)
 - added support for embedded output instructions (see README)
 - added examples/highlight_pipe.* (PHP, Perl and Python interface scripts)
 - replaced getopt_long by argparser class
 - language definition parameters $kw_list and $kw_re are merged to $keywords
 - GUI: fixed preview of UTF-8 files (thanks to Victor Woo)
 - GUI: added all-gui-wx29 target in Makefile to compile with wxWidgets 2.9

== highlight 2.6-8


 - fixed highlighting issue with nested comments, if delimiters are distinct
 - fixed XML and CSS highlighting
 - fixed C escape sequence parsing of octal and hex sequences
 - language definition tag tag_delim was dropped
 - outdated file README_ES was dropped
 - gcc4.3 compilation support was added (patch by Jochen Schmitt)
 - font-family parameter is enclosed in apostrophes in HTML output
 - added `--kw-case=capitalize` option
 - added `--enclose-pre` option
 - added file README_LANGLIST
 - improved several language definitions
 - GUI: decreased window height
 - GUI: preview window is scrolled to last view position after a content update
 - GUI: windows saves and restores previous position and size

== highlight 2.6-7


 - support for RTF background colour was added
 - regex() in language definitions  expression allows optional definition of
   capturing group number
 - added `--add-config-dir` option to define config search path
   (suggested by Nathaniel Gray)
 - allowed invocation of makefile with CFLAGS and LDFLAGS as parameters
   (patch by Nathaniel Gray)
 - fixed OCaml definition (thanks to Nathaniel Gray)
 - fixed AutoIt definition
 - added case insensitive file suffix matching (thanks to Stefan Boumans)
 - GUI: added RTF mimetype to clipboard data (thanks to Stefan Boumans)
 - GUI: fixed preview update after tab width change (thanks to Stefan Boumans)

== highlight 2.6-6


 - added Smalltalk definition and moe theme (thanks to Joerg Walter)
 - added support for diff and patch files
 - GUI: added clipboard button (suggested by Klaus Schueller and Stefan Boumans)
 - fixed Matlab definition (thanks to Andreas Boehler)
 - fixed (thanks to Albert Neu)
 - fixed output of lines with CR/LF (bug of 2.6.5)
 - fixed php and css definitions
 - updated ActionScript definition (thanks to Samuel Toulouse)
 - updated sql definition (thanks to Stefan Boumans)
 - dropped dull theme

== highlight 2.6-5


 - fixed compilation warning on 64 Bit OS (thanks to Uwe Sassenberg)
 - allowed embedded comments in Pascal definition (thanks to Helmut Giritzer)
 - fixed memory leak
 - improved performance
 - added serendipity plugin in examples/plugins
 - added support for diff (and patch) files (suggested by Dan Christensen)
 - adjusted SWIG makefiles and sample scripts
 - improved definitions of Bash, Ruby, Maya, Tcl, Agda and Haskell

== highlight 2.6-4


 - fixed TeX and LaTeX output (space after strings were omitted,
   thanks to Andre Schade)
 - fixed Perl language definition (thanks to Jens Kadenbach)
 - fixed gui.cpp compilation with wxWigets unicode build (thanks to Dennis Veatch)
 - updated R language definition (thanks to Yihui Xie)

== highlight 2.6-3


 - added `--inline-css` option to output CSS within each tag element
 - renamed previewgenerator.* files to html32generator.*
 - GUI: changed GUI configuration format (using wx config classes)
 - GUI: added inline CSS option
 - binaries are no longer stripped by default (src/makefile)
 - added notes to makefiles and INSTALL concerning static linking
   (thanks to Ken Poole)
 - improved MacOS X compatibility (thanks to Benjamin Kowarsch)
 - added ide-xcode theme (thanks to Benjamin Kowarsch)
 - README files were updated
 - updated plugin scripts to use the new `--inline-css` option

== highlight 2.6-2


 - dropped deprecated option `--format-style`
 - added `--html` option for plausibility (HTML output is still default)
 - reassigned `-H` option to `--html`
 - added option `--kw-case` to output keywords in upper case or lower case if
   the language is not case sensitive
 - added option `--mark-line` to highlight several code lines in HTML output
 - added mark-line parameter to colour themes, renamed kw_group parameter
   to kw-group
 - added option `--validate-input` to test if input file is text (if the input
   is considered binary, no parsing takes place)
 - updated astyle code to release 1.21
 - improved PHP4 compatibility of the wordpress plugin (thanks to Thomas Keller)
 - added support for Open Object Rexx (oorexx.lang)
 - updated documentation

== highlight 2.6-1


 - support of HTML colour notation in theme files (ie #12aa00)
 - fixed bad formatting of single line comment and directive substrings after
   line wrapping took place (multiline comments may still be screwed up)
 - enabled `highlight -c stdout` to print style definition to stdout
 - moved highlight/highlight subdir to highlight/src
 - removed examples/cgi
 - added examples/plugins
 - moved gui file directories ext and i18n to DATADIR/gui_files/
 - removed themes: berries-light, whatis
 - added themes: lucretia, orion
 - fixed SWIG interface files and scripts
 - fixed makefile and filetypes.conf (thanks to Axel Dyks)
 - improved ini.lang (thanks to Axel Dyks)
 - GUI: added Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks to Yorick)

== highlight 2.6-0


 - fixed bug with line number count starting at zero by default
 - modified makefile to support PREFIX and DESTDIR variables (patch by Jeremy Bopp)

== highlight 2.5-6 beta


 - added new option `--class-name` (suggested by John Pye)
 - fixed XML output (thanks to Hilmar Bunjes)
 - updated README files

== highlight 2.5-5 beta


 - renamed `--line-number-width` to `--line-number-length`
 - added new option `--line-length`
 - fixed compilation error with gcc 4.3 (thanks to Martin Michlmayr)
 - added script shebang recognition with stdin input (patch by Alan Briolat)
 - added support for Boo scripting language
 - fixed translated help texts
 - added *.p, *.i, *.w as Progress file suffixes (thanks to Mark Reeves)

== highlight 2.5-4 beta


 - improved display quality of preview font (Courier New)
 - updated astyle to version 1.20.2

== highlight 2.5-3 beta


 - fixed bug in GUI preview update
 - reduced GUI height
 - added support for Linden script (Second Life)

== highlight 2.5-2 beta


 - added prefix and prefix_bin variables to makefile (suggested by Thomas Link)
 - removed LaTeX page dimension directives (suggested by Thomas Link)
 - improved several color themes
 - removed berries-dark, added seashell theme

== highlight 2.5-1 beta


 - fixed GTK GUI language file encoding to UTF 8
 - improved Ruby language definition
 - added gui subsection in the RPM specfile

== highlight 2.5-0 beta


 - added Miranda language definition (thanks to Peter Bartke)
 - added Powershell (Monad) language definition
 - fixed ignored conf_dir parameter in makefiles (thanks to Bob Smith)
 - included source files and additional make rules to compile a wxWidgets GUI
   (binary: highlight-gui; make all-gui; needs wxWidgets 2.6+)

== highlight 2.4-8


 - added xterm 256 color output (`-M`, `--xterm256`) (thanks to Wolfgang Frisch)
 - prints warning if output format ignores the theme background colour
 - fixed Java and Python language definitions
 - revised README files

== highlight 2.4-7


 - fixed segfault in symbol parsing procedure (thanks to Veit Wedtstein)
 - updated Lua and Lisp definitions
 - added AutoIt, NSIS, Graphviz and Qore definitions
 - updated SWIG sample scripts

== highlight 2.4-6


 - fixed segfault when outputting ANSI (thanks to Philip Jenvey)

== highlight 2.4-5


 - fixed bug which caused segfault on x86_64 (thanks to Eric Hopper)
 - fixed wrong enumeration start when outputting text w/o highlighting
   (thanks to Russell Yanofsky)
 - added anchor-prefix option (suggested by Peter Biechele)
 - added anchor-filename option (suggested by Mazy)
 - added $description entry to language file format
 - added D language file
 - updated regex classes to version 1.05.02

== highlight 2.4-4


 - added print-config option
 - added scilab definition (thanks to Gunnar Lindholm)
 - dropped support for XSL-FO (use XML instead for further processing)
 - dropped deprecated options (css-infile, css-outfile, include-css)
 - fixed line numbering (starting at 1, printed if syntax option is txt)
   (thanks to Russell Yanofsky)
 - renamed extensions.conf to filetypes.conf
 - moved content of scriptre.conf into filetypes.conf
 - renamed option help-int to help-lang
 - renamed option format-style to reformat
 - updated regex classes to version 1.04
 - code cleanup
 - updated documentation

== highlight 2.4-3


 - added RTF page-size option (suggested by David Strip)
 - fixed bug in RTF output, which prevented italic and bold output
   (patch by Jeremy Weinberger)
 - renamed colour theme parameter KW_CLASS to KW_GROUP

== highlight 2.4-2


 - added line-number-start switch (suggested by Roie Black)
 - added babel switch to make output compatible with LaTeX Babel
   package (disables Babel shorthands)
 - fixed ampl.lang (thanks to David Strip)
 - fixed error message if language definition is unknown
 - added Nemerle definition (n.lang)
 - added SAS definition (thanks to Alexandre Detiste)
 - added TTCN3 definition (thanks to Peter Biechele)
 - added tcsh.lang (thanks to Igor Furlan)
 - Unix package: moved *.conf to /etc/highlight/
   (suggested by Jochen Schmitt)

== highlight 2.4-1


 - dropped include-pkg option
 - added CSS style for list items (`--ordered-list`)
 - fixed default number regex
 - fixed VHDL event recognition
 - added missing KWD keyword style to several colour themes
 - added $STRING_UNEQUAL parameter for language definitions
 - added string CodeGenerator::generateString(const string &)
 - improved Ruby and Octave highlighting
 - added SWIG interface in examples/swig
 - removed examples/python-binding
 - removed themes: neon2 fluke greyish ide-jbuilder4 ide-jcreator2
   ide-synedit neon2 rand02 ron whitenblue website

== highlight 2.3-6 beta


 - fixed crash in language definition loader
 - saved helpmsg/ as iso-8859-2
 - added include-pkg option to define a list of LaTeX packages
   which should be included
 - fixed output of UTF-8 characters (replaced isspace by iswspace)

== highlight 2.3-5 beta


 - fixed LaTeX and TeX output
 - added support for UTF-8 LaTeX output (suggested by Sungmin Cho)
 - dropped automatic conversion of ASCII characters > 127, package
   latin1 is included instead

== highlight 2.3-4 beta


 - added font and fontsize options (submitted by Yves Bailly)
 - added line-number-width (suggested by Yves Bailly)
 - code cleanup

== highlight 2.3-3 beta


 - added kwd keyword class to most of the colour themes
 - added regular expressions to some language definitions

== highlight 2.3-2 beta


 - improved number regex
 - added `--ordered-list` option (suggested by Dominic Lchinger)
 - fixed tag parsing (broken in 2.3-1)
 - updated docs
 - added Brazilian help text (thanks to Adao Raul)
 - added Czech help text

== highlight 2.3-1 beta


 - added support for regular expressions in language definitions

== highlight 2.2-10


 - added support for PowerPC Assembler (thanks to Juergen Frank)
 - added support for AppleScript (thanks to Andreas Amann)
 - added encoding option to set proper output encoding type in XML and
   HTML output formats (default encoding: ISO-8895-1)
   Note: encoding name has to match input file encoding
 - style definitions are generated if only `--fragment` and `--style-outpath`
   options are set
 - added simple recognition of scripts without file extension
   (Bash, Perl, AWK, Python)
 - added config file scriptre.conf to configure script recognition
 - moved langDefs/extensions.conf to package base directory
 - added `--force` option to generate output if language type is unknown
 - fixed parsing of escape sequences outside of strings in Perl
   (last six points suggested by Andreas Amann)
 - fixed output of CR line terminators
 - added classes pre.hl and body.hl in CSS definitions

== highlight 2.2-9


 - fixed `--output` option
 - fixed line number indentation in TeX and LaTeX output
 - fixed compilation error for Darwin (OSX) (thanks to Plumber)
 - fixed LaTeX compilation warnings (thanks to Tyranix)
 - fixed xml default file suffix
 - closing style tags are no longer printed in the following output line
   (suggested by Yves Bailly)
 - fixed rb.lang (Ruby is case sensitive)
 - external style definitions and inclusion of user defined styles were
   added to LaTeX and TeX output
 - installation directory configuration is improved in the makefiles
   (all suggested by Thomas Link)
 - new options: style-outfile, style-infile, include-style
 - deprecated options: css-outfile, css-infile, include-css

== highlight 2.2-8


 - added XML output (suggested by Matteo Bertini)
 - added support for MS SQL (thanks to Magnus ?erg)
 - added support for Pyrex (thanks to Matteo Bertini)
 - added support for Hecl, Luban and Qu

== highlight 2.2-7


 - fixed compilation error on AMD64/gcc4.0 (thanks to Andreas Jochens)
 - fixed tab replacement (thanks to Adrian Bader)
 - fixed parsing of keywords with special characters as prefix ($ALLOWEDCHARS)
   (thanks to Magnus ?erg)
 - single spaces in (La)TeX are no longer preceded by backslash

== highlight 2.2-6


 - fixed compilation error with getopt and Solaris 5.8
   (thanks to Philippe Cornu and Jean-Emmanuel Reynaud)
 - enabled css-infile option when include-css is set
 - improved IO and Perl language definitions
 - updated dirstram classes to release 0.4
 - W32 port: fixed installation path determination

== highlight 2.2-5


 - fixed some compiler warnings in various Debian builds (thanks to Ayman Negm)
 - fixed indentation error in LaTeX output and output of "--" in bold font
   (thanks to Michael Suess)
 - added background colour attribute of body element to the CSS output to
   improve compatibility with old browsers (NS Communicator 4.8)
   (thanks to Wojciech Stryjewski)
 - in CSS output, user defined CSS definitions are now included after highlight
   style definitions to make modifications easier
 - highlight returns EXIT_FAILURE after every IO failure
 - updated Spanish manual and help message (thanks to David Villa)

== highlight 2.2-4


 - changed ANSI output colours to vim style (suggested by David Villa)
 - added new acid indentation scheme and acid colour theme
   (thanks to Alexandre "AciD" Bonneau)
 - highlight returns 1 (EXIT_FAILURE) if file operations failed
   (suggested by David Villa)
 - fixed bug in LaTeX output: `[` and `*` characters after a linebreak (`\\`)
   caused latex compilation to stop (thanks to Christian Schilling)
 - improved error reports

== highlight 2.2-3


 - applied patch to suppress compiler warnings on several platforms
   (thanks to
 - renamed the /utils directory to /examples, which moved to
   /usr/share/doc/highlight/ (suggested by Ayman Negm)
 - if `--output` is defined and output format is (X)HTML, the CSS file is stored in
   the directory given by `--output` (suggested by Vicky Brown)
 - added spanish translations: README_ES and (thanks to David Villa)
 - added support for SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 files: mib.lang (thanks to Roman Surma)
 - fixed highlighting of escape sequences in Pascal (thanks to Grzegorz Tworek)
 - added Pascal multi line comment delimiters: (*, *)
 - added a third keyword style (kwc) to all themes
 - added a third keyword group: ada.lang, gawk.lang, c.lang, java.lang, pas.lang
 - fixed some language definition with old $keyword entries

== highlight 2.2-2


 - removed $STRINGDELIMITERPAIR parameter
 - internal changes

== highlight 2.2-1


 - added content-type (iso-8859-1) to HTML output
 - added possibility to define custom keyword groups (suggested by Daniel Bonniot)
 - reformatting and indentation schemes are customizable, config files are located
   in /indentSchemes (suggested by Petri Heiramo)
 - added new output format: ANSI terminal sequences (`--ansi`)
   (suggested by David Villa)
   assigned `-A` to `--ansi`, `-g` to `--fop-compatible`
 - added `$SL-COMMENT` parameter to colour themes (enables separate highlighting
   of single and multi line comments)
 - added option to fill linenumbers with zeroes
 - improved quality of colour themes
 - changed names of following command line options:
   deletetabs -> replace-tabs
   listthemes -> list-themes
   listlangs  -> list-langs
   includecss -> include-css
   printindex -> print-index
 - dropped support for C# member attributes (was a nasty workaround)
 - dropped support for Forth
 - removed unnecessary `--batch` (`-b`) option
 - removed utils/cgi/perl/README_CGI
 - fixed raw string highlighting bug: r"""\n""" in Python is parsed correctly
 - fixed some old parameters in language definitions
 - added source directory names to generated index file (`-C`)

== highlight 2.0-25


 - fixed quote replacement in LaTeX (\dq -> \dq{}) (thanks to Adrian Bader)
 - fixed crash if $HOME is not defined (thanks to Kostas Maistelis)
 - added compile flag CONFIG_FILE_PATH to define a custom path to the config file
 - added local copy of getopt, which is compiled if the system does not provide it
   (removed win32cmdline.*)
 - fixed VHDL event parsing
 - removed some poor quality colour themes and improved some others
 - added ide-eclipse style

== highlight 2.0-24


 - improved VHDL support (thanks to Aaron D. Marasco)
 - added Coldfusion MX definition (thanks to Paul Connell)
 - added $REFORMATTING option to language definitions
 - added a Python binding in utils/python-binding
 - some code clean up

== highlight 2.0-23


 - fixed ABAP definition (thanks to Kevin Barter)
 - fixed Python definition
 - fixed parsing of methods applied to numerical literals (possible in Ruby)
 - fixed indentation of line numbers in LaTeX (thanks to Michael Berndt)
 - reduced LaTeX output file size
 - improved layout of LaTeX document
 - applied some patches to Artistic Style code (see
 - added updated phpwiki-plugin utils/cgi/php/SyntaxHighlighter.php
   (thanks to Reini Urban)

== highlight 2.0-22


 - improved Fortran 77 parsing (thanks to Geraldo Veiga),
   moved parsing information to f77.lang and f90.lang
 - added highlighting of float literals like .5
 - added new language definitions: ABAP/4, ARM, Bison, Dylan, FAME,Informix, Lisp,
   Octave, R, Scala, Snobol, Verilog
 - removed `-d` option
 - added `-P` option to display a progress bar in batch mode

== highlight 2.0-21


 - added option (`-r`) to replace " by \dq in LaTeX (thanks to Nikolai Mikuszeit)
 - added option (`-E`) to define another search path, where language definitions
   and themes may be stored (suggested by a Debian package tester)
 - fixed bug which disabled HTML anchors (thanks to Richard Beauchamp)
 - fixed wrong current working directory detection in W32 code (thanks to Ian Oliver)
 - improved fragmented TeX output
 - fixed man page
 - changed path of config file to ~/.highlightrc (Unix)
 - added options to config file
 - changed parameter prefix from "/" to the more convenient "$" in configuration files
 - changed "typesmods" parameter in language definitions to "types"
 - improved some colour themes
 - added $INCLUDE statement in language definitions to include content of other files

== highlight 2.0-20


 - added new parser options: TYPEDELIMITERS and KEYWORDDELIMITERS to enable
   highlighting of variables like ${var}
 - changed RTF font to Courier New
 - added symbol highlighting (last two suggested by Anssi Lehtinen)
 - added new colour themes (darkblue, zellner, ron, peachpuff, pablo, nedit)
 - added a new directive to add a custom installation directory at compile time
   (CUSTOM_INSTALL_DIR in highlight/makefile)
 - added Doxygen documentation
 - updated spec.lang, sh.lang and make.lang
 - fixed some case insensitive language files
 - replaced make by ${MAKE} in makefile (suggested by Thomas Dettbarn)
 - removed utils/frontend (see homepage for highlight-gui package)
 - moved German help to README_DE
 - moved documentation files to /usr/share/doc/highlight (suggested by Ayman Negm)

== highlight 2.0-19


 - improved whitespace indentation in TeX and LaTeX
 - fixed output of +, -, =, <, > in TeX
 - fixed output of blank lines in TeX
   (all suggested by Milan Straka)
 - updated Java language definition to 1.5
 - added support for BibTex, Erlang, Icon, Lisp, Lotos, Maple, Objectice C,
   Prolog, PostScript and RPM Spec

== highlight 2.0-18


 - changed hskip unit in LaTeX output vom mm to em
 - fixed different font width of spaces in TeX output
   (thanks to Milan Straka)
 - added macros in TeX output to reduce file size
 - fixed bug which made first line number disappear (introduced in 2.0-17)
 - declared XSL-FO output as experimental, added a switch to provide
   modified output for both Apache FOP and xmlto/xsltproc

== highlight 2.0-17


 - enabled multiple input file names and real batch processing wildcards
 - improved debugging output
 - added new PHP Wiki plugin (thanks to Alec Thomas)
 - fixed newlines at the beginning and the ending of HTML output
 - fixed Java and Nice language definitions (thanks to Daniel Bonniot)
 - general cleanup (code, makefiles, docs)

== highlight 2.0-16


 - added new options to wrap long lines (suggested by Johannes Wei�)
 - added new colour themes: vim, vim-dark and ide-codewarrior
 - improved Java, Nice and C parsing

== highlight 2.0-15


 - improved XSL-FO output (thanks to Daniel Bonniot)
 - reduced LaTeX output file size

== highlight 2.0-14


 - added XSL-FO output format (suggested by Daniel Bonniot)
 - fixed segfault when theme file was not found
 - improved makefiles
 - ported code to Solaris (thanks to Ade Fewings)

== highlight 2.0-13


 - fixed parsing of XML comments
 - fixed conversion of umlauts and accents
 - improved parsing of numbers (suffixes like 30L, 4.5f; exponents)
 - '@' in HTML output is replaced  by HTML entity to confuse spam robots
 - fixed Avenue, Perl, Progress and Clipper language definitions
 - added support for Action Script, Objective Caml, Standard ML, Felix,
   Frink, IO, Nasal, MaxScript, Oberon, Object Script
 - replaced AutoConf build process by customizable makefile (suggested by John Skaller)

== highlight 2.0-12


 - fixed parsing of subtractions (i.e: varName-1)
 - added support for SuperX++ (thanks to Kimanzi Mati)
 - added Relax NG Compact language definition (thanks to Christian Siefkes)

== highlight 2.0-11


 - fixed LaTeX and Squirrel language definitions
   (thanks to Stephan Bhme and Alberto Dechemelis)
 - fixed number parsing (allow 'a'-'f' in Hex numbers only)
 - replaced double quotes by single quotes in fragmented LaTeX output
 - added a new subdirectory "utils/", moved "cgi/" there
 - added a new Python Qt-Frontend
 - added a PHP module (thanks to Philip Van Hoof)
 - added Nice language definition

== highlight 2.0-10


 - changed LaTeX font settings to \tt and \it
 - improved fragmented LaTeX output
 - fixed LaTeX language definition
 - fixed multi line compiler directive parsing with strings
 - added new Squirrel ans JSP language definitions

== highlight 2.0-9


 - trailing whitespace from input is ignored
 - modified LaTeX fragmented output to simplify inclusion of code in
   existing documents
 - added support for multiple line compiler directives
 - added new THE style (thanks to Mark Hessling)

== highlight 2.0-8 Hot Summer Build


 - fixed bug which prevented highlighting of escape characters within strings
   which start a new line
 - fixed XHTML line anchors attribute to "id"
 - added background colour support for plain TeX
 - improved recognition of strings with different open/close delimiters
 - added a reasonable 4th support
 - internal changes to improve speed
 - changed XHTML encoding from utf-8 to iso-8859-1 and xhtml version to 1.1
 - removed comment in XHTML header to enable highlighting when style
   definition is included in output
 - added recognition of hex, octal and unicode escape sequences (\123, \xff)
 - improved Python and Tcl support

== highlight 2.0-7


 - fixed parsing of C# simplified strings (thanks to Cerda)
 - added support for C# member attributes (thanks to Gauthier)
 - added `--listlangs` option (suggested by Mark Hessling)
 - improved plausibility of `--outdir` option (thanks to Otto Barnes II)

== highlight 2.0-6


 - fixed bug in HTML and XHTML output, which caused insertion of too many
   "</span>" tags (thanks to Mark Hessling)

== highlight 2.0-5


 - improved LaTeX, TeX and RTF colour output
 - fixed TeX output formatting errors
 - fixed LaTeX line number output (thanks to Johannes Nolte)
 - improved code portability (thanks to Gauthier)
 - added french help (thanks to Gauthier)

== highlight 2.0-4


 - improved Ada 95 output (thanks to Frank Piron)
 - added HTML index file option
 - simplified API
 - added some language definitions

== highlight 2.0-2


 - fixed bug causing lowercase output of case insensitive
   languages (thanks to David and Mark Hessling)
 - added new Matlab colour theme (thanks to David)
 - improved Rexx language definition (thanks to Mark Hessling)
 - added plain text language definition

== highlight 2.0


 - fixed memory leak in DataDir::searchDataDir()
 - fixed configuration file parsing

Fri Dec 18 15:00:05 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Note highlight update.

Fri Dec 18 10:30:04 2020 schmonz (qmail commits: acceptutils)
List SMTP capabilities before POP3.

Thu Dec 17 07:00:04 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to 1.4.57. From the changelog:

- [core] attempt to quiet some coverity warnings
- [mod_webdav] compile fix for Mac OSX/11
- [core] handle U+00A0 in config parser
- [core] fix lighttpd -1 one-shot with pipes
- [core] quiet start/shutdown trace in one-shot mode
- [core] allow keep-alives in one-shot mode (#3042)
- [mod_webdav] define _ATFILE_SOURCE if AT_FDCWD
- [core] setsockopt IPV6_V6ONLY if server.v4mapped
- [build] fix when building all TLS mods
- [core] prefer inet_aton() over inet_addr()
- [build] fix SCons build when building all TLS mods
- [core] add missing mod_wolfssl to ssl compat list
- [mod_openssl] remove ancient preprocessor logic
- [core] SHA512_Init, SHA512_Update, SHA512_Final
- [mod_wolfssl] add complex preproc logic for SNI
- [core] wrap a macro value with parens
- [core] fix handling chunked response from backend (fixes #3044)
- [core] always set file.fd = -1 on FILE_CHUNK reset (fixes #3044)
- [core] skip some trace if backend Upgrade (#3044)
- [TLS] POSIX sh compat (fixes #3043)
- [core] portability fix if st_mtime not defined
- [mod_nss] portability fix
- [core] warn if mod_authn_file needed in conf
- [core] fix chunked decoding from backend (fixes #3044)
- [core] reject excess data after chunked encoding (#3046)
- [core] track chunked encoding state from backend (fixes #3046)
- [core] li_restricted_strtoint64()
- [core] track Content-Length from backend (fixes #3046)
- [core] enhance config parsing debugging (#3047)
- [core] reorder srv->config_context to match ndx (fixes #3047)
- [mod_proxy] proxy.header = ("force-http10" => ...)
- [mod_authn_ldap] fix crash (fixes #3048)
- [mod_authn_ldap, mod_vhostdb_ldap] default cafile
- [core] fix array_copy_array() sorted[]
- [multiple] replace fall through comment with attr
- [core] fix crash printing trace if backend is down
- [core] fix decoding chunked from backend (fixes #3049)
- [core] attempt to quiet some coverity warnings

Thu Dec 17 07:00:04 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated www/lighttpd to 1.4.57

Wed Dec 16 17:30:05 2020 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Fix CodeQL cpp/integer-multiplication-cast-to-long.

"Multiplication result may overflow 'int' before it is converted to 'long'."

Make n a datetime_sec (synonym for long) to begin with.

Wed Dec 16 17:00:08 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to 5.15. From the changelog:

- fix example spamc arguments in FAQ. Thanks: Christoph Scholzen.
- document exit codes in manpages. Thanks: Langenxx Feld.

Wed Dec 16 17:00:08 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated mail/getmail to 5.15

Wed Dec 16 17:00:04 2020 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Define CODEOWNERS with our default reviewers.

From <>:

"Code owners are automatically requested for review when someone opens a
pull request that modifies code that they own."

I've not listed everyone in our GitHub org, just the folks who are
usually doing the reviewing (and from whom I usually request reviews).
No exclusion is intended, just sensible defaults. We can always manually
request additional reviewers on any given PR, and anyone who wants to
get more generally involved can of course add themselves here.

Tue Dec 15 08:00:07 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Define QMAIL_QUEUE_CUSTOM_ERROR. Ride recent update.

Tue Dec 15 07:00:04 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to 20201215. From the changelog:

- qmail-qfilter-{ofmipd,smtpd}-queue: Remove after 2 years' deprecation.
  If you're using these, please switch to qmail-qfilter-queue.
- qmail-qfilter-viruscan: Optionally build with qmail-queue-custom-error
  support, returning the same error message as Russ Nelson's original
  viruscan patch.
- qmail-qfilter-queue.8, qmail-rcptcheck.8: Add an ERRORS section.

Tue Dec 15 07:00:04 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated mail/qmail-rejectutils to 20201215

Tue Dec 15 05:30:04 2020 schmonz (qmail commits: rejectutils)
Oops, no restart required.

Tue Dec 15 05:00:07 2020 schmonz (qmail commits: rejectutils)
Add ERRORS and otherwise clarify manpages.

Tue Dec 15 03:30:04 2020 schmonz (qmail commits: rejectutils)
Optionally return viruscan's custom error message.

Tue Dec 15 03:30:03 2020 schmonz (qmail commits: rejectutils)

Tue Dec 15 03:00:05 2020 schmonz (qmail commits: rejectutils)
Finish removing qmail-qfilter-smtpd-queue.

Mon Dec 14 08:30:07 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Depend on qmail-acceptutils 20201214 for fixsmtpio(8) segfault fix.
Bump version.

Mon Dec 14 08:30:07 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to 20201214. From the changelog:

- fixsmtpio: Fix segfault by making sure eventq_get() returns a
  free()-able string.

Mon Dec 14 08:30:07 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated mail/qmail-acceptutils to 20201214

Mon Dec 14 08:30:07 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated mail/qmail-run to 20201214

Mon Dec 14 06:00:06 2020 schmonz (qmail commits: acceptutils)
allocate on eventq_put, not _get (except timeout).

handle_response() segfaults on alloc_free() with the argument "timeout"
at an address that looks rather stackish. When eventq_get() is called on
an empty eventq, it synthesizes a timeout event. Make this event a
heap-allocated string like all the other events.

While here, move typical allocations to eventq_put() instead, and
sprinkle const.

Mon Dec 14 04:00:06 2020 schmonz (qmail commits: acceptutils)
Fix misleading indentation.

Sun Dec 13 03:00:08 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to 0.74. From the changelog:

- Fixed: failure exit code from 'pherkin' does not work
- Synchronized translations with upstream i18n data

Sun Dec 13 03:00:08 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated devel/p5-Test-BDD-Cucumber to 0.74

Fri Dec 11 14:00:08 2020 schmonz (qmail commits: acceptutils)
Comment out an alloc_free() that's dumping cores.

Fri Dec 11 14:00:08 2020 schmonz (qmail commits: acceptutils)
Include a fallback in errors, like in fatals.

Fri Dec 11 14:00:08 2020 schmonz (qmail commits: acceptutils)
Sprinkle const (thanks Eike).

Fri Dec 11 08:30:08 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Depend on qmail-acceptutils 20201211 for authup(8) that fixes AUTH retry
under TLS. Bump version.

Fri Dec 11 08:30:08 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to 20201211. From the changelog:

- reup: Delete, because retrying AUTH has been broken ever since TLS was
  added to authup.
- authup: Fix AUTH retries under TLS by inlining the retry logic.
- fixsmtpio: Fix process-management bugs in "Ensure STARTTLS resets all
  state by restarting qmail-smtpd."
- Manual pages: considerably improve clarity of authup(8) and
  fixsmtpio(8). Mention s6-ucspitlsd, a new UCSPI-TLS server
  implementation coming soon to s6-networking.

Fri Dec 11 08:30:08 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated mail/qmail-acceptutils to 20201211

Fri Dec 11 08:30:08 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated mail/qmail-run to 20201211

Fri Dec 11 06:30:08 2020 schmonz (qmail commits: acceptutils)
Fix linking on NetBSD. Further improve logging.

Fri Dec 11 06:30:08 2020 schmonz (qmail commits: acceptutils)
No socket to give blacklist. Wait till API grows.

Fri Dec 11 06:30:08 2020 schmonz (qmail commits: acceptutils)
Sprinkle static, rather generously.

Fri Dec 11 06:00:08 2020 schmonz (qmail commits: acceptutils)
Fix auth retry under TLS by deleting reup(8).

Before TLS, retrying AUTH by quitting authup(8) worked fine; with TLS,
it never worked! authup under UCSPI-TLS changes its read and write fds,
but since reup doesn't know this, the next authup gets the old ones that
are no longer connected to anything.

Giving reup its own UCSPI-TLS-like API would make it bigger and
complexier, defeating most of its purpose. Instead, delete it and move
the retry logic into authup.

While here, improve authup's logging, and clarify a couple manpages

Thu Dec 10 10:00:09 2020 schmonz (qmail commits: acceptutils)
Mention s6-ucspitlsd.

Thu Dec 10 08:00:09 2020 schmonz (qmail commits: acceptutils)
Belated commit from pairing with Christoph Badura.

Thu Dec 10 08:00:09 2020 schmonz (qmail commits: acceptutils)
Fix blacklist support, if fd were always a socket.

Mon Dec 7 12:15:05 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Fix VARBASE subst in lighttpd.conf.

Thu Dec 3 17:30:05 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Update to 1.0.0. From the changelog:

- BREAKING: `MOB_NEXT_STAY` now defaults to 'true'.
- Proposed cli commands like `mob start --include-uncommitted-changes`
  are now shown on a separate line to allow double clicking to copy in
  the terminal.

Thu Dec 3 17:30:05 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated devel/mob to 1.0.0

Tue Dec 1 16:00:05 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc-wip commits)
Seems callers need to -lbearssl, so buildlink that.

Tue Dec 1 06:15:04 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Enable --with-nettle as recommended in the release announcement; we'll
add options for other SSL libraries later. Add 'libdbi' option to enable
mod_vhostdb_dbi and the new mod_authn_dbi module, off by default. Bump

Tue Dec 1 06:15:04 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
doc: Updated www/lighttpd to 1.4.56nb1

Mon Nov 30 13:15:04 2020 schmonz (notqmail commits)
Symlink "CI" configs somewhere easier to see.

Mon Nov 30 11:00:05 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Fix Darwin build: set CFLAGS like NetBSD and Linux.

Mon Nov 30 11:00:05 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)
Remove broken cross-compile check (builds a bundle, complains it can't
run as executable) to fix lua-xapian on Big Sur.

Mon Nov 30 10:00:06 2020 schmonz (pkgsrc commits)