I help software developers better see and understand their work so they can do less of that, and better see and understand themselves so they can be more of that.

Why is this what I do? Here’s an approximate stack trace:

  • It’s immensely satisfying.
  • I feel a need to be understood, so I try to offer understanding.
  • I believe our future depends on more people managing to retain their capacity for enthusiasm into adulthood.
  • I’ve retained my capacity for enthusiasm, but haven’t always found workplaces where it was both needed and wanted.
  • I’ve struggled to see and understand my work, and continue to.
  • I’ve struggled to see and understand myself, and continue to.
  • My willingness to identify as a good human is contingent on continually making myself useful to some other humans.
  • Without external impetus and feedback, I don’t bother to improve myself much; observing my effectiveness while coaching provides what I seem to need.
  • Coaching is the most useful and most valuable I’ve figured out how to be: to do it just barely well enough to matter, I must draw on everything that makes me me.
  • It earns me the most time with the least time so I can stay focused on my family (and someday, my music).

What’s this?

It’s a /purpose page.

See also: /now.