I’m spending time on…

Let's give him a hand

Squeezing my wife and nearly 1-year-old child. Lifting weights. Learning to swim. (Yesterday I put my face in and out and breathed while traversing the deep end. All new.) Experimenting with diet. Programming for fun and profit. Shepherding guest episodes of Agile in 3 Minutes. Appreciating publicly some people who’ve helped me grow. Organizing my Q3 coding tour. Lining up Q4 consulting clients.

I’m looking forward to…

Going for a walk every day. Seeing myself establish additional healthful routines. Playing more piano. Becoming better acquainted with agilists in Europe and a handful of cities where they live and work. Learning new domains and techniques. Strengthening one of my strengths: orienting myself and others in new problem spaces. Reflecting with each of my tour hosts on what we found valuable about my visit. Sharing our findings with you.

I’m wishing for…

A safe journey. Good health and good scratches for Haskell and Paul. More balance, which to the best of my understanding means living a smaller-batch-size life.

I’m traveling to…

Germany, Spain, and the UK. Some details are on my speaker page, and more will be filled in shortly. Back in the States in mid-September, just in time for the 10th anniversary Agile Coach Camp in Ann Arbor.

What’s this?

It’s a /now page.

nownownow.com is a directory of people with /now pages. I’m listed there.

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