qmail add-ons

  • acceptutils: Get your messages delivered with TLS, SMTP AUTH, new user-controlled features.
  • rejectutils: Block unwanted messages with QMAILQUEUE wrapper, RCPTCHECK wrapper, SMTP filter programs.

qmail patches

Obsolete, if you’re running notqmail

  • destdir: Build as non-root, without hardcoded IDs, to a staging area.
  • qbiffutmpx: Detect <utmpx.h> in case the OS no longer provides <utmp.h>.
  • remote: Wrap qmail-remote with another program (inspired by QMAILQUEUE).

qmail packages

  • pkgsrc-qmail-run: Install pkgsrc-qmail plus config files, NetBSD-style rc.d scripts, and convenient wrappers for procmail, spamassassin, rspamd, and greylisting-spp.
  • pkgsrc-qmail: Install notqmail with sensible defaults, including some patches (until they stop being needed).


JUnit add-ons

  • Greencently: Optimize your pre-commit hook’s test run. All tests green, recently? Commit quickly and stay in flow.

CVS add-ons

Browser userscripts

Other projects I contribute to