I’ve been using qmail for a long time. It’s a toolkit of Unixy programs that can be composed to provide email services. To meet my and some others’ needs, I’ve extended the toolkit.


I almost always install qmail from pkgsrc, because it’s packaged according to my taste and offers useful build-time options. A few of the qmail-related pkgsrc packages I’m responsible for:

  • ?djbdns
  • ?djbdns-run
  • ?ezmlm
  • ?ezmlm-idx
  • ?getmail
  • ?mess822
  • ?pymsgauth
  • ?qmail
  • qmail-run
  • ?spamdyke

(You’ll notice lots more qmail-related packages in the complete list of packages I maintain.)


The destdir patch allows qmail to build as non-root, without hardcoded IDs, to a staging area. If you’re a packager, or otherwise trying to automate your builds, this patch may be useful to you.

The pymsgauth-tag patch adds a pymsgauth-tag program to Charles Cazabon’s pymsgauth that does the same job as pymsgauth-mail, but for messages submitted via SMTP or OFMIP. If you don’t submit mail via qmail-inject(8) or qmail’s sendmail(8) wrapper, but you post to DJB’s lists, this patch may be useful to you.

The QMAILREMOTE patch is like the QMAILQUEUE patch, but for qmail-remote(8). If you want to wrap qmail-remote with another program — for instance, to DKIM-sign outgoing mail — this patch may be useful to you.

The RCPTCHECK patch (a modified version of Jay Soffian’s original) allows qmail to flexibly SMTP-reject envelope recipients or senders. If Jay’s original patch doesn’t apply cleanly to your source tree, this patch may be useful to you.

The rejectutils patch adds several standalone programs for selectively rejecting messages. If you’re looking to SMTP-reject messages according to multiple criteria, and/or are dealing with qmail-smtpd(8) patch conflicts, this patch may be useful to you.


  • qmail-smtpup, a very small SMTP AUTH wrapper that runs as root, then runs unpatched qmail-smtpd or ofmipd as the authenticated user. Once this isn’t vaporware, I’ll actually use pymsgauth-tag, via rejectutils’s qmail-qfilter-ofmipd-queue.

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