Today I start keeping a daily journal. If this gladdens you, thank David Johnson for bothering me to do it.

Starting off with a nice long entry. Today I have lots of work to do. Big project due Monday. Bill Mathews helped me distill the client's needs into a reasonable amount of JavaScript and Perl, so I feel confident that I'll be able to get it done.

Something fun I've been working on:, this Web server. A pair of Perl programs handle account requests and user Web page listings. Additionally, Apache is configured to allow users to run their own CGI programs. Also, note the shameless overuse of JavaScript and DHTML on this page.

Something else I've been working on: SGI (formerly Silicon Graphics) certification. I've learned quite a bit thus far, and the last two tests will require even more studying and learning. Good stuff.

This daily journal popup thingy is going to need (at the very least) a scroll widget. Oh well — I guess I'll have to learn more DHTML!