Without having read any documents explaining how to increase one's score, I placed 20th (!) on the Crazy Taxi arcade game at BS&G. What a rush! That game leaves my adrenaline pumping across 18th, 17th, up the elevator, and into my chair at my desk. Then it's owl-stretching time again.

schmonz.com, my personal domain, underwent its Great Renaming today: the comics have moved from www to strip to make room for my site-in-progress at www.schmonz.com.

Attempted to register ballsinchains.com for a super-secret project David J. and I are working on. (Hint: it'll be appropriate for viewers of all ages.) Network Solutions rejected the registration due to a mistake I made in the form, but charged the $70 fee to my credit card anyway. They said the money would be credited to my account within a few days. Yeah, right, as if! Network Solutions can suck my ballsinchains.com.

Configured Apache on home.ooi.net so that folks can use PHP's auto-prepend and auto-append commands in .htaccess files. Using these commands, a site instantly acquires a consistent design, and it's easy to make global changes to it. The only drawback is that it requires a bit of PHP effort. I sent step-by-step instructions to David (I use the technique on schmonz.com) in the hopes of seeing his redesigned site sooner (mainly, he wants to lose the frames). But, as always, working on the personal Web site is a lower priority than doing billable client work.

At Ian's behest, we played indoor Ultimate at the Euclid Sports Plant. Between a recent flu and not having played recently, I had a tough time playing hard. Ian pushed me to get my money's worth of playing time. I still need to improve my physical condition.

Gina and I discussed the role of music in our lives. To me, it is a wonderful gift; to her, it is a painful burden because it was forced on her. She expressed surprise that I was able to listen to recordings of my own playing, but also expressed appreciation for my recorded improvisations from freshman year in Storrs. Two years later, even with my improvisational style having matured considerably, certain of these “historic” pieces continue to grow on me.