Yiddish: no exam (there's no way to have a numerical idea of how I'm doing in this class, though I at least feel good about it, which is something)
Czech: 91%
Diatonics: 95%
Ear Training: 99%
Calculus: 100%

With math no longer the bottom-feeder, improving Czech is my next order of business, which I'm glad of, because I've been uncomfortable with my incomplete mastery of the material thus far. Now I can prioritize it.

I read through the whole Sonata-Reminiscenza with both hands, from start to finish, for the first time. There are some woolly parts in the middle, but I'm on pace to have the piece in playable shape if and when lessons start next semester.

Can you believe someone interrupted me (while playing the section I know well) to ask pointedly that I turn it down a bit because she was studying? It's a piano lounge. Also, I'm playing classical music. If it's loud, simply wait. It will soon become quieter. Knowing this, I said “Sure!”, then played exactly as I was going to anyway. Everybody wins! Especially me.