In my previous post on podcasting, I noted the flexibility of publishing text and the cost of publishing audio instead. It is perhaps ironic that, while listening to a podcast on the BART, I learned about a podcast transcription service. You give them money and a podcast, they give you the equivalent text. This could be useful to both producers and consumers of podcasts. Notably, someone already publishing podcasts can easily also publish the textual content thereof. It is also noteworthy, however, that this service is metaphysically obliged merely to change the form and/or move around the inherent costs of audio. Also also, though, it still looks pretty cool.

And hey, maybe people are drawn to this new medium in a way that I don't understand. Let's turn the tables. Would you pay for a service that podcasts news articles read hyperstolidly by journalism majors and blog posts read melodramatically by theater majors? Vice versa? How about a service that podcasts other podcasts as reinterpreted by William Shatner?