I'm a latecomer to the Destroy All Software party. Lots and lots of catching up to do. Sure would be nice if I could watch at home on my iPad and on the subway with my iPhone and let Downcast keep them in sync about what I've seen so far. But DAS doesn't have a podcast feed and, since it's coming to an end in the next month or two, probably never will. So I made my own podcast for it. Glossing over most of the details:

Acquire tools

  1. Have ikiwiki (I install it from pkgsrc) and a web server (I use bozohttpd, also from pkgsrc).

I was already running ikiwiki and bozohttpd on my laptop for my personal wiki, so I had already jumped through many of these hoops.

Configure the basics

  1. Figure out how to get the web server to run at boot and serve the intended directory (on OS X, I often get help from Lingon).
  2. Create a very basic ikiwiki configuration, taking care to add_plugin the inline plugin.
  3. Create an index.md at the root of the wiki containing pretty much just this: [[!inline atom=yes pages="media/*" sort=title reverse=yes archive=yes]] (tweak to taste).
  4. Create a media subdirectory and put the videos there.
  5. Run /path/to/ikiwiki --setup /path/to/ikiwiki.setup, then browse the wiki. All the videos should be linked there.
  6. Subscribe to the Atom feed in a podcatcher.

And now, a bit of weird OS X magic

  1. Create a Folder Action AppleScript on the media folder that does this:
on adding folder items to this_folder after receiving added_items
	do shell script "/path/to/ikiwiki --setup /path/to/ikiwiki.setup"
end adding folder items to


When Gary announces a new screencast:

  1. I download it to media.
  2. The current application loses focus for some dumb reason.
  3. There is no third thing.

When the iPad and iPhone next refresh their subscriptions, they'll get the new screencast.