Schmonzcast #14: Last week I returned from Berlin, where I gave a talk at pkgsrcCon 2013. As a pkgsrc developer since 2002, and a member of its steering committee since 2005, I've attended every pkgsrcCon but one (Paris 2006, as the spring semester of my freshman year at Columbia was ending). pkgsrcCon is a self-organized, purpose-specific conference for people interested in pkgsrc; it's short, sweet, and low-key; and thus far it's always been held in a European city well worth visiting. At this year's conference I spoke about applying 'Test-Eventually Development' to pkglint (a tool for package maintainers), and how all of us volunteer developers ought to team up to slowly but surely apply the same techniques to pkgsrc's unique and valuable internals. Even if you don't know much about pkgsrc, a passing familiarity with TDD suffices to follow my line of reasoning. And if you know and love pkgsrc, we'd love to have your help.