BSD Now (2013/11/20)

BSD Now has been podcasting weekly since its inception in September. Each show (recorded before a live IRC audience) includes BSD-related news, listener feedback, a tutorial, and an interview. You can see me being interviewed via Skype about NetBSD and pkgsrc as part of the November 20 episode, starting around 17:52.

UGtastic (2013/11/09)

UGtastic produces “an ongoing series of conversational interviews with people who make technical communities interesting.” Since Software Craftsmanship North America was full of such people, Mike Hall brought his portable studio to the Mid-America Club, on the 80th floor of the AON Center, and set up shop in a quiet room facing Lake Michigan. I'm hardly the reason NetBSD and pkgsrc are interesting, but I felt strongly that they intersect with software craftsmanship as espoused at the conference and as valued by its attendees. So I had lots more to say, and felt more comfortable saying it, when Mike interviewed me in person at SCNA for a standalone episode of UGtastic.