Kid’s here. Family’s visiting and helping out. Some days we almost feel rested. When there’s downtime I don’t need to sleep through, I’m thinking about how photos move from our phones to our gallery. How can I make this easier, so we do lots of it? How can I make it safer, so we don’t lose stuff?

Since I’m happily not working — a tremendous luxury for which I’m tremendously grateful — I can plow through allergy shots. Three mornings a week I take care of the non-human animals, go get my arm itchy, and run an errand or two on my way home. The sooner I’m further along with the shots, the sooner I may start to feel some benefit, and the sooner I can go get itchy much less often. That’ll be convenient if I ever commute to a job (still hard to imagine), or when we bring Taavi to Germany for the winter holidays.

Diet: Haven’t eaten anything stupid, but on net it’s been more protein, less fat, and less meat than I’d prefer.

Exercise: Nope. Not thinking much about it yet. If the dog could walk faster, that’d count for something, but he mostly can’t.

Music: Medtner, Brahms, Schumann.