We celebrated my parents’ 50th anniversary last week by having them stay with us for a week, punctuated by turning Shabbat dinner into a surprise party. Their imminent arrival was just the excuse I needed to get back to daily pianoing, so I could be ready with another Medtner piece as part of the surprise. Turns out that was the first time I’ve learned music on deadline since high school. And if I can make a good-enough recording, it’ll be the first time I share one here (and on Piano Society) since college.

Professionally, I like to alternate between doing it and helping others do it. My parents arrived just as a full-time remote programming gig wrapped up, and in a couple weeks I’ll return to coaching at a favorite client. It involves travel on alternate weeks, which presents some challenges, but it also affords me full attention for my family and myself on the other alternate weeks. And it leaves room in my schedule to continue taking local and remote consulting clients.

When I returned to the IT workforce as a 30-year-old with a music degree, my first wish was that someday my enormous private loans would be paid off. Still working on that one. My second wish was that someday I could work less, make more music, and have a family with whom I could be fully present. It was never any sort of coherent plan, but it seems to be coming together anyway. I’m more than willing to agree that I’ve done my part to make this happen. I also can’t quite believe my luck.

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