Yesterday we day-tripped to Berlin and back (nearly 700km) for Finias’s followup. Since everything looked good, the next followup will be September, and we got home in time to hear stories of the fun Taavi had with his uncles and grandparents before we administered his bedtime routine. One story: when Bobi showed him a rock-hewn heart, he asked “Does a heart really look like that?” No. But kind of. And when she explained that it signified her love for her children, he said “I will put it here [on my heart] so I have it when I need it.” Did our hearts really melt? No. But kind of.

Back in New York, before we decided to escape to Germany, Taavi had finished nearly a week of Montessori preschool. We’d all been really excited about it. After several months with just us, he could really use being around other kids, iff there’s a safe enough way to do it. In the States, I suspect sending him back to preschool would feel like an uncalculated risk; considering how precisely the pandemic is being managed here, sending him to “kindergarten” feels like a calculated one. We’re tentatively planning to have him start next month.

Assuming that works out, I can return to my consulting work in mid-August or so. Remote collaboration was very finicky here before Finias arrived, and it’ll be some months before our remodeling nets me a home office, but maybe the timing will work out for the internet connection in our little village to have been upgraded to fiber by the time I’m trying to video-chat and screen-share again.

Our remodeling in New York is still underway, too. Someday, when conditions in the world have changed, we’ll be very happy to come back to it.

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