For the August meetup of the Jersey City JUG, Nayan Hajratwala presented Power Up Your Gradle.

About the presentation:

Does Gradle make you sad? Are slow & flaky builds stealing your time? Are you a Maven maven, longing for the days you could write incomprehensible build files in XML rather than Groovy? If so, this session is for you! Together, we will delve into some techniques to keep your Gradle builds simple and maintainable.


Legacy Open Source Fridays

Every Friday since April, we’re mending some famous old code that inspired a generation of programmers and continues to provide the foundation of many production systems.

Got limited time and energy for skill development? Participate in a 75-minute collaborative programming session. Contribute to Open Source with an experienced, kind, inclusive, and slightly silly guide. Take pride in your efforts and how they multiply with others over time. Gain new insights into your own legacy code — and have fun doing it.

Last Friday I mobbed with 3 other guys I never met before, on a codebase I have never seen before, in a language I never learned.

I felt valuable within 45 minutes.
Idan Melamed

You deserve to feel this way. You deserve to learn this way. Join us.