Our vacation in Mallorca is winding down. We were all extremely ready to have this kind of time together, so of course the first week and a half we stumbled around being sick. Finias even got a quick hospital visit out of it. Between the gunk and the sleeping arrangements, nobody’s well rested. It’s true that we’re looking forward to being in our own beds by the end of the week. It’s also true that we’ve been having a swell time anyway. Most mornings, after breakfast and Duolingo in Spanish (or “Dingolingo”, as he sleepily called it this morning) one of us takes Taavi on an “adventure”; for instance, this morning I was going to take him for a repeat visit to the go-kart track, but they weren’t open yet, so we found some new playgrounds instead. (We’ve seen tons of playgrounds and he’d been hankering for one.) Most afternoons we’ve been going to one of the many nearby beaches we like. This afternoon Taavi and Bekki walked the rocky path through the hills to the next town and Finias and I met them there with all our beach stuff. When the weather’s been troublesome we’ve gone to the big city, or the mall, or a village up in the mountains. It looks like we’ve probably had our last beach afternoon. We never bother doing any exploring when we’re here in the summers, and we always feel a bit sheepish about it, so it’s already been a nice change of pace to get to do some exploring and it’ll be nice to get to do more of that with our remaining few days.

It seems like we were just in New York for the summer, but there was a solid month in Germany in between. It was a really good month. We got settled back in, tuned in to our own routines and our own schedule, and adjusted as needed for the well-being of our kids and ourselves. Taavi got way more comfortable with German, started relearning to play by himself and to take a nap in his bed, and is growing in other ways all the time. He met some German cousins and had such a wonderful time with them that we’re figuring out how we’ll go visit them in Bavaria. We feel good about flying back to Germany in a few days, and more generally about our decision to spend a bunch more months there. Soon enough we’ll be back in New York, Taavi will be in school, and our Germany visits will be much more limited. It’s worth being near his family here while we can. And it’s about time to switch our Dingolingo back to German.

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