F, having just gotten the hang of preschool, is done for the year. T, having just gotten back to attending kindergarten for a couple-ish hours per day, has one week left at this marvelous preschool. We feel so lucky to have found the place. His teachers’ love over the past 16 months has gone a long, long way, and is carrying us through to the end. He’ll miss them. We’ll miss them. (No doubt he’ll be one of the big kids that occasionally returns to read to the youngsters.) Come fall, he’ll be at the local elementary school — in some ways probably less adaptable to his needs, in other ways perhaps more so. In any case, his day-to-day life will look different. We all need it to.

During this sometimes scary and always uncertain time, my ability to concentrate has taken a big hit. After several unexpected weeks off, things have settled enough that it’s time to get back to work as best I can. I roll off the gig a month from now. That might be enough time to solve one more important set of problems for our client.

What have we learned from all this? Too much and not enough. One thing’s for sure: we thought we could get by without any child care help. This had been false, then true for a nice chunk of months, and is once again false. That’s clear enough to change our perception of our long-term needs. My next employer, whoever it may be, will profit from our improved understanding.

I could use your help finding that employer. I’ll say more soon about what I’m looking for.

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