Do you wish Universal Edit Button had more universal browser support? “Edit This Page” is a userscript that does the same kinda thing. Instead of putting an icon in the address bar (userscripts can’t do this), it overlays a ribbon on the page.


  1. Add editthispage.user.js to your browser’s user script manager (more info)


  1. When you see the “Edit This Page” banner, you may click to edit the page.
  2. Or Ctrl-E, if you like keyboard shortcuts.
  3. To toggle the banner, whether or not you like keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl-Shift-E.

I found a site where it ought to show the ribbon, but doesn’t

Send me the URL and I’ll try to add support for it. Edit This Page currently recognizes sites generated with:

  • proper Universal Edit Button metadata
  • Sphinx
  • Docusaurus
  • MkDocs

I found a site where it shows the ribbon, but shouldn’t

Sorry for the false positive. Send me the URL and I’ll fix it.