I facilitated a DevOps-themed workshop at the first AATC, and I’m excited to be coming back this April with a new one. (Conference registration has opened.) I’d love to see you in Boston this spring. Here’s the abstract:

Cross-Platform Full-Stack Deployment with pkgsrc

Sure, it works on your machine. But how confident are you that your Linux servers provide the same runtime environment as your Mac laptop? And when there’s a security hole somewhere in your app stack, how quickly and safely can you upgrade to fix it? How much happier would you be if you could generate identical software configurations for your dev and prod boxen, no matter what OS they run?

Stop crossing your fingers that brew-ing here and apt-get-ing there will produce matching results. You deserve DevOps happiness! Learn how to pronounce “pkgsrc” — and how a practical, proven cross-platform package manager can save you from the kind of surprises that ruin your week.

What you’ll learn by doing

How pkgsrc helps you…

  1. Install the shiniest, newest Git
  2. Package a famously gnarly Ruby gem from source
  3. Package Vim with an embedded interpreter for Ruby, Python, Perl, or Lua
  4. Update OpenSSL to address the latest vulnerability (can’t wait to find out what it’ll be this time)
  5. Build your own custom set of ready-to-deploy binary packages
  6. Package up your own application using its existing build process

What to bring

  • A laptop,
  • Running any Unixy OS (Windows even counts, if you’re feeling adventurous),
  • With a working C compiler,
  • And a downloaded, unzipped pkgsrc-current tree

Where else can we meet up over beverages in the coming months? See my upcoming speaking engagements and also other conferences I’m thinking about.

It’s not gonna work out? You’re welcome to buy me a fancy coffee, and I’ll look forward to reciprocating in person someday.