Almost two weeks after Christmas, OhioOnline today held its annual Christmas lunch at the Chop House in downtown Cleveland. We rode between there and our office in the B.F. Keith Building in a strange bus-like vehicle equipped with televisions and drink tables. David was even funnier than usual, employing the OOVehicle's props to his advantage. In one particularly silly gag, he commented “She's pretty,” then surreptitiously hand-perturbed a glass through an aperture under the table — making it appear that he'd had an explicit male reaction to the sight of a female pedestrian. It is enjoyable to be around someone silly; it is instructive when he is simultaneously more old, more married, and more silly than I. I hope to be as interesting a man when I am his age. (I'll have to age quickly to catch up, though!) Lunch was tasty; conversation circled around sports and movies.

Meanwhile, back at the OOOffice, I hacked on a Perl script to massage CVS commit messages into a format resembling those of OpenBSD. Progress slow.