In what is quickly becoming a tradition of sorts, David and I had lunch at BS&G and played Crazy Taxi. I played well enough to rank 33rd overall; David placed 31st. A competition is born!

Worked on updated Internet meta-search, created a legend to explain the site's interface, validated all HTML and CSS, and created a digest form of the CVS commit mailing list (because I update the site so much!).

I had dinner at BS&G (do not adjust your set!) with Josh, Ben, Pat, and Tony. We all got the regular gyro combo. Most of them were familiar with the incorrect east side BS&G, and were duly impressed by the excellent food and reasonable prices at the correct BS&G establishment. Once again, I played Crazy Taxi, placing 30th this time. Take that, David!

Slept less than 5 hours for the third consecutive night. Got to get me some Z's before I get a diz-E's!