It was 95 degrees in Cleveland today. I decided to stay at the office after work, wallow in the air conditioning, and commit all the qmail stuff to pkgsrc. Took about three hours, all told, since I hadn't quite polished every last package in advance.

Now that it's done, I feel more a sense of relief than of accomplishment. I'm not sure this has always been true of the programming I've done (though packaging is admittedly on the very light side). But if it is, that might explain my continued compulsion for technical work: when I think of something that could be better, I realize I'm dissatisfied because it's not as good as it could be, so I fix it in order to become less dissatisfied. That sounds pretty dismal. If that's what's going on under my hood, I don't agree with myself.

There's more to do on all of these packages, of course, but nothing quite so yuge. I think I'll take a break.