I have decided not to accept the job offer with PerceptIS. This week I'll do my best to make the transition easy for those around me. Next week I'll be self-employed!

Just spent the weekend playing Ultimate in Philadelphia along with some fellow Case alumni and a couple excellent women pickups from Yale. (Note: I'm not really a Case alumnus, but am an alumnus of the Ultimate team.) Not having played anything other than summer league since last club season, I forgot how much I like this game. Despite not being in game shape, ran fast and played hard. The weather was unbelievably fantastic for November in Philly: sunny and 60 the first day, with a little wind that died down as the day wore on, and sunny and nearly 70 the second day, with only a wee bit o' wind. Gorgeous and a great last hurrah for Ultimate season.

Still battling that internal battle. Still holding high hopes. Still feel it's reasonable to do so. Still struggling to do right every minute, every day.