Closed for personal growth

In my long and storied journaling career — which has admittedly been of limited storiedness over the past few years — I'd always thought that not being able to write publicly about something was a sign that it wasn't a right thing to have done. But that's only true in the vacuum of my own thoughts and choices and actions and how I feel about them. It's not for me to decide how others should think and choose and act, let alone how they should feel about themselves, or about playing roles in my small tales.

The subject I always want to write about, these days, requires someone else's comfortable acquiescence. I don't have it. So it's not fair for me to continue. Don't worry about me, but also don't look for updates for a couple months. With all the goals I'm pursuing these days, I'm sure I'll have lots of interesting news when I return.

Stop pretending you'll miss me. It's not like I've been writing that often anyway. ;-)