Welcome, gentle reader. I look forward to writing of my travels, to reading your comments, and to seeing a few of you in Europe. But first, it's my last full day in Cleveland, and I have my hands full! Today's to-dos:

  • Complete and send various forms to Columbia (financial aid, etc.)
  • Prepare slides for my two talks at pkgsrcCon
  • Laundry
  • Settle finances with a few folks
  • Clear off the digital camera
  • Load up the PDA: names and addresses of potential hosts, ideas of places to go, the location of the hotel where I'm staying in Prague, etc.
  • Broadcast one last episode of Dial-a-Dork (tune in tonight at 9PM Eastern! see the site for details)
  • Pack for, you know, Europe
  • In so doing, notice things I didn't think of, then take care of them

I have one last strength-training session tomorrow morning. I depart in the afternoon, arrive in Dublin Wednesday at 7:45 AM, spend the day there, then fly to Prague on Thursday for the aforementioned conference, where there'll be plenty of computers with which to write our next installment.

Keep an eye on this country for me, will you? I'm hoping it'll be in good shape when I get back.