After eight years with tru podcast — and nearly ten years, all told — I’ve moved my site (and its podcast) away from Textpattern. I promised myself I’d do this in 2014. Missed by an hour; still pretty happy.

Ikiwiki, the CMS I moved to, reflects my preferences for writing in vim, checking my thoughts into git, and storing and serving static content as simply as possible. That’s probably not what most folks secretly wish for. But if you do, and you’d use a static site generator if only there were a sufficiently flexible one, investigate ikiwiki. And if you know you’re going to want to hack on whatever system you choose, take a look at how I improved ikiwiki’s podcasts.

My goal in doing that work was to be just barely as good as tru_podcast — which is to say very good. Thanks to Textpattern and tru_podcast, I was able to share a decade of significant moments as honestly and directly as I knew how. Now that my memories and creations are preserved more reliably, and I can publish my writing and music more easily, I feel a whole new level of safety and comfort about sharing the significant moments to come. I look forward to continuing to share them with you.

To a wonderful 2015!