I arrived in Paris Saturday morning. Of the cities I've visited thus far, this is the one I've spent the least time getting to know in a proper and responsible manner. Of course, it's not my fault in any conceivable way. Responsibility for my actions instead rests with a bunch of other people. You know how it is.

How could this have happened? How can the Amitai who danced savagely throughout Berlin for three days have been so cavalierly disregarding the preponderance of Paris's cultural treasures?

Well, it's like this:

  1. Go to Paris.
  2. Meet up with Henry, Meghan, and Phil.
  3. Find a suitably legendary cemetery.
  4. Find a suitably legendary grave.
  5. Notice a trio of lovely ladies from North Carolina are taking turns leaving lip prints on it.
  6. Borrow lipstick from one of them.
  7. Notice that a few days have mysteriously disappeared.

Et voila.

It's not that I've been completely derelict in my duties. I've seen a great many landmarks, some art, walked through large portions of the city, etc. Also, I really like being here. As opposed to the other countries I've visited, I can comfortably decode menus, ask questions of waiters, and understand the answers. I can ask for directions, and understand the answers. I can get in minor political discussions on the street, or joke about a misbehaving elevator with the other passengers, or read the description beside a statue or painting, or help friends with any or all of the above. It's great. In the short term, this means I want to hang out in French-speaking places; in the long term, it means I want to learn all those other languages!

I'll move on to my next destination in a day or two. The trip is halfway done, and I'm starting to notice a minor feeling of being pressed for time. I'll have to actually plan the rest of my time to some extent — at least the last week or so, so that I can buy a plane ticket from “somewhere” to Dublin before it gets expensive.

I haven't posted photos since Neuschwanstein. Rest assured, a whole bunch more are on the way. See you from somewhere new in a few days!