…in almost six years. If I've been incommunicado of late, please forgive me. It's not that there's an inherent shock of being in college and I'm overwhelmed by it; it's that — with the exception of one weekly seminar (required, for no credit) — I need to change my entire schedule:

  • Calculus I isn't going to challenge me. While it was 10 years ago that I last studied calculus, and I definitely need some review in order to proceed confidently toward a physics major, the review can start a little higher up the ladder. The instructor suggested II or III (they can happen in either order).
  • Fundamentals of Western Music isn't going to challenge me. Diatonics will be better, if I manage to place into it (took the placement test today) and get registered for it (both sections are already full).
  • Ear Training is a corequisite for either Fundamentals or Diatonics, and a required sequence for music majors. Didn't know that until yesterday. Guessing Ear Training II was a good place to start, took that placement test today. The instructor glanced at it and suggested I switch to III.
  • I knew I'd need to sign up for piano lessons once I got here. Found info on that today. All three teachers are well reviewed, which is nice to know going in.
  • Elementary Yiddish I will be very enjoyable. But not the section I'm currently in: it conflicts with these other changes. So I have to switch sections.

As you might expect from the long silence, once I untangle this class situation, I have lots more to write about.