The closer the approximation to what one wants, the harder it is to accept. Sometimes one furiously imagines it'd have been easier to have gone without. But life is filled with approximations. They're opportunities. Not what you had in mind? Reevaluate your imaginings. What must you have? What can you live without? And now, what to do with what you've been given?

I'm not trying to be cryptic, merely succeeding. Nor am I convinced that the above is generally true. But since I've been thinking about it, rather than not crafting the perfect entry for another three months, I'm writing something now. It helps that this isn't even an approximation of anything I've been meaning to write.

Though not quite what I'd hoped for, my summer's been very good. This is one of the things I haven't managed to write about yet. There's still a little time: school starts in two and a half weeks.

I'm completely excited about that all over again. It's still precisely what I want to be doing. No approximations involved.