Schmonzcast #12: In last semester's composition class, I wrote for solo piano, as much for expedience as for love, and it almost didn't matter what shape it took or whether it was any good; the mere fact of a completed piece was, of itself, a milestone reached. In this, my second go-round, it was less trivial to expand my horizons. My Student-Piece #2 (for clarinet, violin, viola, and cello) maintains the previous composition's preoccupation with counterpoint and imitation while somewhat loosening the harmonic reins. In fact, I chose the primary thematic material over a related, more consonant version for the same reason I chose four unfamiliar instruments: the challenge. I'm not in love with the result as I was last time, but it grows on me. As for growing, I'm glad of the experiment and would be glad to hear your reactions. As for reactions, my favorite so far was that of the ensemble's pianist, who complained that I hadn't written a part for him this time. Not to worry, there's plenty of piano writing in my future!