Why a micropodcast?

I’ve told the origin story of Agile in 3 Minutes, my micropodcast about doing business effectively, and narrated how I create the show each week. Last week, I wrote about writing consistently, because I seem to have arranged for that habit.

In my last job, when I found myself frequently fighting for my team’s continued right to its disciplined practices, I often hoped that those sitting in judgment would be willing to take a few minutes, read something potentially clarifying from some non-me internet person, and have a conversation with me about it. Looking back, I strongly suspect those managers and colleagues would have been more willing to take a few minutes to listen to something. With Agile in 3 Minutes, I’m hoping to engender the kinds of the conversations I’d hoped for.

It’s gratifying to hear, then, that the show is being put to that use. For instance, a manager in an Agile-seeking workplace is holding biweekly group discussions of particular Agile in 3 Minutes episodes to build shared understanding of where they’re headed and why. I love it! And I love that I’m not the only one who hopes for more of that:

”I cannot recommend this podcast enough. Listen to every episode. Talk about them in your team. Share them with your managers. Managers, share them with your teams.”

Alan Dayley

Why not only a podcast?

While some folks prefer listening over reading, episodes are often densely packed, and 180,000 milliseconds goes by quickly. Some listeners have requested transcripts, and I’d probably want that too (I read a lot). Everyone absorbs and digests ideas in their own way; 3 minutes of listening isn’t everyone’s best way.

And some folks want to financially back the show, but would rather not drip-fund it.

Solution: a podcast and a book

Now available on Leanpub: Agile in 3 Minutes, the book. Subtitle: “The simplest essays that could possibly work.”

Want to peruse the material and ruminate at your own pace? Buy the book!

Want to make a one-time donation? Choose your amount, then please accept the book as your free gift. (If you didn’t want it, tough luck. It’s yours.)

Either way, as new episodes come out, new essays will be added to the book. As with any Leanpub publication, once you own it, all updates are free.

Thank you

I appreciate your devotion of time and attention to my work on Agile in 3 Minutes. Since it’s a labor of love, your love is another way to support it. Now that the show’s included in the popular podcast directories, you can help others discover Agile in 3 Minutes by reviewing it in iTunes or Stitcher. Please do!