For the first time since mid-May (and only the second time since the show started in April), there’s no Agile in 3 Minutes this week.

It’s not that I didn’t write one. I did! But I wasn’t able to put it together until I was sitting at the gate waiting to fly home. And the microphone that makes the show sound any good is, intentionally, enjoying a quiet weekend back at the hotel.

Doing final edits in the air, I found myself a bit disappointed. Couldn’t I have managed to finish this slightly earlier? Especially because it’s a script I feel particularly good about. It builds on last week’s episode, leads us in a direction I’m eager to explore next, and calls back into one of the very few early episodes about practices. (Agile in 3 Minutes is, intentionally, mostly not about what to go do.)

Yet I also felt some relief. Traveling every week for a full-time consulting gig while writing two new pieces every week since April has been a sustained challenge to my willpower and self-discipline. When I chose to leave the mic behind at the hotel, I was choosing to end my current weekly podcast streak. I think I’d rather not take this work home with me? Then don’t. And that was that.

All day, I felt myself refilling with ideas, energy, and desire to write. By evening, when I got to the airport, the thing I was jonesing for wasn’t to get my unformed thoughts out of my head. It was to put in the work to form them into a show.


With that in mind, I’ve decided that a few weeks from now, I’ll break my weekly blog streak too. I’ll explain more about my intentions and plans before I go. Rest assured, it’s all stuff I’m excited about. And I’m excited about next week’s Agile in 3 Minutes, to be recorded and published as soon as I meet back up with my trusty microphone.

Meanwhile, if you’re a bit behind on your listening, right now’s a great time to catch up — 3 minutes at a time.