I’m spending time on…

Every other week: writing a new post on this site.

Mornings: Getting to know my new team.

Afternevenings: Packing up the house.

Mealtimes, mostly: Checking a few last items off our Bloomington to-do list.

Tonight: Mother Bear’s Pizza.

I’m looking forward to…

Loading up the car and saying goodbye to this place. I’m happy I came here — I leave healthy and married, with a sweet cat and dog, new and strengthening connections to a community of human-loving technologists, and my head on as straight as it’s been in quite some time — but now that my wife has gotten what she came here for, we’re ready to live near family.

Meeting our friends’ baby en route.

Our new home.

Getting to know my new team (and not just in the mornings). Flying out to meet them in person. Learning Python. Making myself more useful. Shipping valuable software.

I’m wishing for…

Reestablishing a routine: home, work, exercise, writing.

I’m traveling to…

Next week: Suburban New York by way of Pittsburgh.

Early February: Des Moines.

Otherwise: see my speaker page.

What’s this?

It’s a /now page.

nownownow.com is a directory of people with /now pages. I’m listed there.