My birthday’s next week, which usually grants me license to submit my year-in-review posts a solid month after the deadline (though last year’s came in under the wire).

But I’ve done enough reflecting and resolving in a recent post about slack and batch size for the moment. And my batch sizes this week are necessarily small (though this post maybe takes the idea a bit too far). For the moment, I’m happy to say that several anticipated changes have fallen into place:

  1. Agile in 3 Minutes is back.
  2. I’ve joined a new team.
  3. I’m in Des Moines visiting them in person.
  4. I’ll mostly be working from home.
  5. I get home tomorrow.
  6. Home is New York.

With all this important stuff established, my main goal for my birthday is to restore my daily habit of long, fast walks. I’ve got just enough days between now and then to give myself that gift.