It’s my second full day of a two-week stint at a fitness retreat upstate. I’m eating what’s provided, which so far has felt like both too much (carbohydrate) and not enough (fat and protein). Yesterday I put my back (and arms, and legs) into kickboxing, spin, and yoga. My quads were cooked halfway through spin, and they remain cooked today: if I added some weight, I couldn’t sustain reps of squats or lunges. I wonder about muscle recovery being confounded by the change in diet. Also I haven’t slept at all well yet, which feeds into recovery and may be fed (or unfed) by what I’m eating. But I’ve tried this kind of thing before. I knew what I came here for. I came here to bust out of a local minimum that’s not an equilibrium I want to keep. This is a bunch of perturbations all at once. Some of them I will keep. Time for the next workout.

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