Last month’s meetup of the Jersey City Java User Group got us off to a rollicking restart. At yesterday’s, Ted M. Young (also known as JitterTed) presented Stop Obsessing about Primitives. Ted’s focus on how people learn means you’re just about guaranteed to come away with ideas you can use. I sure did. Give it a watch. And join the JC-JUG Meetup group (if you haven’t already) to stay tuned for our next speaker.

PubMob with me

Been working with legacy code and wishing for more degrees of freedom — but your time and energy for skill development are limited? Boy howdy.

Give yourself 75 minutes of joint attention to meet the Strangler application pattern. We’ll program together in a thoughtfully prepared codebase with no more than 5 other participants, one of whom is often a very special guest coach. We’ll test-drive new features into some infamous old C code without touching that code at all. You’ll learn when to consider using Strangler and what to watch out for when you do.

Next week, in either of two timeslots. Register.