Remember when meetups still happened in locations? Of the 50 attendees at our first meetup of the revived Jersey City Java User Group, one admitted to living in the New York metropolitan area. And it wasn’t even me, the organizer. And the talk wasn’t even about Java.

Did I fall down on the job? No, I think this was the perfect way to start JC-JUG back up. GeePaw Hill (Twitter) knows from Java, and I hope he’ll come back and present about Kotlin. Give his More Smaller Steps a watch. In it, he distills issues we all face in software development, where the game is to incrementally change complex systems made of inseparably commingled social and technical facets.

Our November speaker is already lined up. Details soon.

PubMob with me

Got limited time and energy for skill development? Boy howdy.

I’m offering 75 minutes of joint attention doing Mob Programming in thoughtfully prepared legacy code. Get to know Strangler, when to consider using the pattern, and what to watch out for. Test-drive new features into some infamous old C code without touching that code at all. Your choice of two timeslots later this month.