Taavi is rediscovering how to sleep at night, for which his loss of interest in naptime may or may not represent progress. I’m looking forward to the eventual return of evenings with which I can be quiet and/or productive, collaboratively with folks in the States or solo on my own projects.

Until then, I’m doing well with the time I’ve got. Home internet is finally totally sorted, as is my residency permit, both bringing reductions in cognitive load. I’m trying a second client on a small but regular schedule.

With pkgsrc (an eternal, giant Continuous Integration cauldron) humming along nicely for me lately, this month’s top project is once again notqmail, about which I’ve been collecting some design thoughts. I like these designs a lot, with the exception of one big risk: we’d depend on a programming interface that has only one ready-to-run implementation, and that for only half the interface. So I’m pleased that the developer now intends to implement the other half, and I’m even more pleased to be testing another developer’s independent implementation (of both halves). While the notqmail team has not yet agreed to pursue these designs, it’s nonetheless satisfying to see such generosity and cooperation from projects adjacent to ours.

I keep working, little by little, on a Medtner sonata.

What’s this?

It’s a /now page.

nownownow.com is a directory of people with /now pages. I’m listed there.