After a period of self-isolation, my brothers-in-law are descending upon their ancestral home for the holidays. That means my temporary home office is temporarily out of service, which works out well enough: I’m winding down one client and not yet winding up the others. And that works out well, too, with Germany’s lockdown: Taavi’s home from kindergarten for at least the next several weeks. So we’re having much more time together again, which I’d been missing out of the corner of my brain. I think he’d been missing it too. He also gets to play with his uncles now, and occasionally still one of his kindergarten friends. For these weeks, this is all just right. It’s time for us to be together and recalibrate for the coming year.

My current Medtner sonata project continues. Reading the notes and moving the hands is still a lot to think about. Once I’ve got some passages memorized, I expect it’ll start turning the corner toward sounding like music.

I’ve shipped new releases of my two major solo qmail projects, and there’s a third one that’s once again a glimmer in my eye. It’d be a fair amount of work, at least for someone with my skill level, but it’s what I think notqmail will need, and I’d like to show rather than keep trying to tell. I’m trying to avoid starting on it until we’ve shipped the next notqmail release. Making steady progress toward that.

I can tell when I’m spending more attention-slices on qmail that my attention-slices must have been getting sliced thinner, and that I’m once again choosing a coping strategy that lets me continue to earn a feeling of progress under the constraint.

What’s this?

It’s a /now page. is a directory of people with /now pages. I’m listed there.