For the April meetup of the Jersey City JUG, Cat Swetel and Heidi Mitre presented Continuous Verification: Beyond Chaos Engineering.

About the presentation:

As technologists, our work is increasingly situated in highly complex socio-technical ecosystems. As much as we are encouraged to retrospectively seek a distinct and absolute root cause for an incident or outage, these complex systems are much more likely to drift into failure rather than suddenly taking one catastrophic wrong turn. What if you and your colleagues could be sensitized to the drifting safety boundaries of your systems? How would that inform the work you do? Join this session to explore these ideas through an introduction — with Java-oriented examples — to the important new discipline of continuous verification.


Legacy Open Source Fridays

I’ve just kicked off a new offering at PubMob. Every week, we’re mending some famous old code that inspired a generation of programmers — and still provides the foundation of many production systems.

”If you work with legacy code, don’t miss this! Or if you work with code of any sort, you’re likely to learn something useful.”
Esther Derby

Upon the conclusion of our first Legacy Open Source Friday, three participants immediately registered for every available session in the booking system. (I’ll have to enter more sessions.) One of them told me:

”You have a good vision and confidence in the project. That energy is contagious. Everyone felt the excitement.”
— a participant

Contribute to Open Source with an experienced, kind, inclusive, and slightly silly guide. Take pride in your efforts and how they multiply over time. Gain new insights into your own legacy code. Have lots of fun doing it.

”A great opportunity to learn technical excellence with one of the best out there. At the lower rate, it’s a no-brainer.”
Ryan Ripley

See for yourself what the excitement is all about. One of these Fridays, join us.