For the May meetup of the Jersey City JUG, Ryan Latta presented Learning Under Pressure: Scala in a Hurry.

About the presentation:

How many times have you learned a new piece of tech while at work? I know for me it seems like every new project comes with some new framework or language. At the same time, most of the companies I’ve worked for expected me and the team to figure it out — no books, no experts.

I want to share a story of how I learned Scala and Finagle while under the pressure to deliver with hard SLAs. I’ll show you how you can use the same techniques to learn languages, frameworks, and tools without your codebase turning into copy-pasta from Stack Overflow and countless tutorials.

Ryan’s talk reminded me of a similar approach I took to learn a programming language while under the pressure to make good use of an afternoon at a conference. His context and his presentation make a stronger case. Watch.

Legacy Open Source Fridays

Last month, I kicked off a new weekly offering at PubMob. Every Friday, we’re mending some famous old code that inspired a generation of programmers — and still provides the foundation of many production systems.

”If you work with legacy code, don’t miss this! Or if you work with code of any sort, you’re likely to learn something useful.” — Esther Derby

Contribute to Open Source with an experienced, kind, inclusive, and slightly silly guide. Take pride in your efforts and how they multiply over time. Gain new insights into your own legacy code. Have lots of fun doing it.

”A great opportunity to learn technical excellence with one of the best out there. At the lower rate, it’s a no-brainer.” — Ryan Ripley

We already have several regulars who participate every Friday, and a well-known tech company already has me doing a private in-house version of the same material. See for yourself what the excitement is all about. One of these Fridays, join us.