I gave that paid talk. It was well received. A bit of consulting will follow.

In a few weeks, Finias will have been with us for a whole year. He’s been busting out lately: teeth, talking (first intentional word is probably “kitty”), walking (sometimes holding just one hand), opening and closing things.

The rest of us have already been here for over a year. By the time we arrive back in New York for the summer, each of Taavi’s cousins there will have had two birthdays without us. Of course, they’re Finias’s cousins, too. It pains me that the kids have been apart this entire time. Having them grow up together was (and will one day again be) the entire point of our living there. When we can all be together, my parents included, it will be sweet.

I very much hope we’ll have moved into our own space here by the time we head for New York. It’s very much needed for all of us to reestablish our own family rhythms, and it’s important to know that we’ll be able to keep them when we return here for the fall.

Taavi’s been having a wonderful time, and us with him, but his low quality of sleep is still evident and limiting. Local ENT doc says his tonsils are so swole they’re “kissing” and surgery is indicated. On Monday we’re going to Hannover to make sure that’s accurate, and if so, to schedule it ASAP so he can be fully recovered and getting good sleep well in advance of our flight. This decision is nothing like what we had to figure out for Finias last year. Still, when it’s over, I’d like to take a good long break from having my babies operated on.

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