For the September meetup of the Jersey City JUG, Mike Coon presented You get what you ask for — so you better ask for what you want.

About the presentation:

As we progress in an organization what we ask for and what we ask about become key to engaging our teams and to maximizing value. We’ll talk about how subtle changes in our approach can ignite creativity and provide a sense of ownership in our teams. We’ll also talk about how to build and maintain credibility through careful consideration of what we ask about.

This presentation is for:

  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners
  • Managers and Dev Lead types
  • Anybody else hoping to get things of value from others


Legacy Open Source Fridays

Every Friday since April, we’ve been mending some famous old code that inspired a generation of programmers and continues to provide the foundation of many production systems. Feedback from recent Legacy Open Source Fridays participants:

  • Super welcoming environment
  • Great facilitation, creating a safe and welcoming space for everyone, loved the usage of inclusive language
  • Felt safe to be part of the ensemble programming
  • Really nice group, welcoming new people and people bringing different skill sets. Loved the topic too, lots of learning while contributing to something valuable

September 17 will be our last Friday for a month (I’m going on vacation) and we’ll be submitting our first contribution upstream, together! Sound like a potentially fun and valuable 75-90 minutes? Register ($49 USD).

Exception 1: If you find yourself underrepresented in tech, your session is free. Simply send me a message and I’ll get you squared away. (Or if you know someone, please put us in touch.) I’m not doing you a favor; you’re doing us one. When an ensemble includes a wider range of experiences, it makes wiser decisions.

Exception 2: If you’re between jobs, your session is free. Stay connected to a community of practice and keep your code and collaboration skills sharp. We’ll be happy to have you.