I noticed last week that the Southern Connecticut Agile Meetup had gone maintainerless and decided to take it on. Welcome back! For our October meetup, Steve Doubleday presented Three Frames of Software Development.

About the presentation:

The uneven adoption of agile methods over the past couple of decades can be usefully understood as coming from a difficulty executives have in letting go of three frames — the Building, Project, and More frames, and accompanying metaphors. These are ubiquitous in the culture of many large IT organizations, and they conflict with what agile enthusiasts think are better ways of building software. In these terms, SAFe has been successful because it blends agile concepts with the Building, Project, and More frames, allowing older and newer ways of thinking to co-exist. This uneasy coexistence can be thought of as an importance source of problems in SAFe efforts. In turn, this suggests that useful paths forward may need new frames and metaphors.